Sunday, February 28, 2016


I am always repurposing things.  I am not a pack rat, I do purge a couple of times a year but never, ever anything that is old. 

When  my grandmother passed away, she was the antiques dealer, I took a lot of her pieces she had stored in barns and the chicken coop that were broken and would have been burned and over the years I have found a use for them in one way or another.  Like drawers.  Have you ever noticed how beautiful an antique drawer is?  Just the other day I remembered I had one that had flowers carved in the front and was worn with a light green paint.  I brought it inot the kitchen and now it holds my dinner plates.  Drawers have a multitude of purposes, I never thought of making a lamp but I may just do that.

Old chairs are another thing I have plenty of, I cannot resist a worn out chair.  Love the doggie bowls great idea for older or big dogs.  Guess what those white chairs were, go on you will never guess.

Those are repurposed from an old crib, can you imagine.  Go to CUSTOM MADE to see more about them.

Windows and doors make great shelves, mirrors and frames and so much more.  I have always loved the look of a window above a hallway entrance and this one is fabulous.  What a great way to use an old door this would fit anywhere.

Old kitchenware is always in yard sales and thrift shops.  From now on don't pass it by look at it as what it could be like loaf pans made into a cool kitchen holder or dessert tray, metal buckets as lamps or utiensils as hooks and handles.  Stop by ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN to see more ideas.

Farm pieces make the most amazing things.  I have an old animal trough as a table in my studio and boy would I love to find a set of chicken roosts for shelves, never seen them here.  I have always wanted the metal water bins for my garden but I cannot find old ones and the new ones are really expensive, love the idea of using one for a table think of the storage.

Last let's have a look at old license plates.  This took a bit of digging I am sure but what a cool idea. 

So the next time you are thrifting, antiquing or just going through your old stuff, have a second look their may be a repurposed treasure there.

Sunday, February 14, 2016


We had a lovely Valentine evening last night with some dear friends.  Great conversation, delicious food and my favourite wine, what more could you ask for.

Whatever you are doing with your sweetie today, I hope it is a wonderful Valentine's Day and I wish you all....




p.s the lovely KISSES banner is from THE BURLAP BANNER on ETSY.

Friday, February 12, 2016


It is absolutely freezing here in Ontario.  Yes, I realize that I live in Canada and we do get cold winters but we have been a bit spoiled this year now we are getting hit with the DEEP FREEZE!

Did a little Valentine decorating.  It is the holiday I do the least decorating for but I do love the hearts and the red.  Lots and lots of candle too!

This was my kitchen at 8 a.m.  Nobody wanted to go outside and I could not blame them.  Allie and Rufus would not even move off of the floor and poor Atticus, who has the least fur, looked at me with those big brown eyes as if to say " Please don't make me go out there".  Everyone finally went out but not for long. 

My beautiful Daisy who loves the cold weather, did not even want to budge.  That is her staring out the door and then looking at me as if to say "Uh, Uh".

We are all cozily sitting around the fire now, even sweet Daisy who usually cannot abide the heat.

Hope you are all keeping warm wherever you are.  We are going out for Valentine's Day tomorrow night, which is going to be the coldest night so far, I want to go but I don't want to leave the house.  Maybe a little wine will keep me warm.....or maybe a lot!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


I have been so busy with hubby's birthday, planning the grandbabies birthday ( in 2 weeks) that I did not realize Valentines Day was less than a week away.....time to decorate.

Let's start outside.  I hang a lot of hearts out on the porch ( I will show that later this week)  I like the idea of filling your outside planters with spiked hearts, very simple.  I do like the garland, I will try that.  The last one is pretty too a nice grand Valentines entrance.

I do go more for the simple country look.  Love that berry wreath adn the banner, they are very easy to make you can get your little kids involved with a banner.  Now I have to say that LOVE in metal letters is fab.  I would leave that out all year, that is the hippie in me.

I think the little hearts are so sweet, you could use this idea inside too as you could this  lit wooden heart, I would do it in red though.

Such a pretty table.  I just adore those pom poms.  We are invited out for Valentines Day this year but I would love to do a brunch and decorate like this.

I will end today with a couple of adorable Valentine ideas you could do at home.  That Button heart is so incredible and really easy, go to FROM THE WOMAN CAVE and see how she did it.

Those CUPID HEARTS are lovely and wouldn't they make cute Valentine Cards.  The kids would love to make these.  All on PRACTICALLY FUNCTIONAL BLOG.

Last how about this absolutely beautiful Valentine.  Just buy a shadow box, make the heart out of some typed romance pages and you can personalize it for your Valentine.

I am now off into the cold Ontario winter to seek out some adorable new clothes for my little sweetie's birthday gift at H & M, they have the coolest kids clothes anywhere.