Thursday, May 26, 2016


I just posted some new pieces from MY HIPPIE HEART JEWELLRY on ETSY. 

Summer Love.

Keys To My Heart.

The House Of The Rising Sun.

Love You To The Moon.


All my pieces of One of a Kind and made with Handwrapped Organic Cotton thread.

Very soon I will be posting a new collection of Bohemian Kimonos and  FlowerChild Kimonos for little hippies.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Oops, yesterday was a holiday here in Canada so today I will post MEAT FREE MONDAY!  Everyday is Meat Free for me but you should visit the website it is amazing and there are great recipes.  Meat Free even one day a week is good for you!.

Sunday, May 22, 2016


Finally, finally, the hot weather is here in Jerseyville.  The gardens are coming along, the heat feels so lovely.  It is time to decorate the gardens. 

I love to have little surprises in the gardens.  A little spot to sit, a windchimes where you don't expect one or a faeiry peaking around a corner.

What a beautiful way to light you night garden.  So simple.  I love the teepee idea.

I adore windchimes, I hang them everywhere.  I am always looking for something unique.  I would love to have a bunch of old cow bells, the sound would be amazing.  This sweet little jewel in the middle is made from what else, recycled jewellry.  I have to make one of those.  Love the bottom one from Etsy, unfortunately it was sold.

Oh, my hippie heart!  These are fabulous.  Obviously tribal bohemian.  Wish I could find those.  The last one is so sweet I may try to make that.

I have to find a stain glass artist and buy some scrap pieces of glass.  I think something like this would be so beautiful first thing in the morning in my kitchen.

I hope you are all having a wonderful, sun filled day wherever you are and that you are enjoying you gardens.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Do you bake your own bread?  I am a very good ( not to toot my own horn, but actually great) , baker and cook.  I have grown up with amazing cooks in our family.  My Grandfather did all of the cooking and baking and my Great-grandmother made the most fabulous cookies, recipes I use now all the time.

I am blessed with the gift to be able to taste something and deconstuct the ingredients.  I hardly ever use recipes when I cook, all of my soups, which I make often, each taste different, I add a bit of this and whatever is on hand, it always turns out delicious.

I have had a small Catering Business and At Home Bakery called "Sinfully Delicious".  One Christmas when I decided to sell my cookies and called it "Santa's Little Helper", well Santa's Little Helper was so exhausted from the reorders because everyone ate the cookies well before the holidays, that I did not even make any for my family that year.

The one thing I have tried, over and over again, is making bread.  For some reason this is an art I cannot master.

I have used the best ingredients, taken time, waited, breads have risen and been baked, I have always been so optimistic and then it comes out of the oven.

I tap it to make sure to have that hollow sound signally it is baked.  I let it cool and slice into what I hope with be a rustic, sumptious loaf and ....... heavy!

I always end up with a rock loaf of bread!

All I want, all I have ever wanted as a cook, is to make a mouth watering, eye applealing, rustic loaf of loveliness.  To serve a warm, delicious loaf with my homemade jam ( that I can do with my eyes closed)!

I want to have my own bread everyday, hearty loafs for country sandwiches and picnics, airy light slices of happiness to serve family and friends, a loaf to be proud of.

Look at this mouthwatering loaf of love from HINT OF VANILLA Blog.  This makes me want to try again to perfect a loaf of country bread.

I have a top of the line Bread Machine but I always think that is cheating.  It does all of the work and although it makes a nice loaf of bread it is just not the same and one I have made with my own hands.

I will not go down without a fight.  One day, I will serve a perfect, rustic loaf of bread made with heart and hands and it will sit proudly on the table with fresh butter and homemade preserves and be devoured in a short time and I will have to start again but I won't care as long as I know the next loaf will be as good as the last!

If you make your own bread I would love some help, am I kneading too long, not proofing long enough?  Any help is appreciated.

Monday, May 2, 2016


Sorry I am a day late to bless you all with a Merry Beltane & a Happy May Day.  Taking advantage of the nice weather here to get the gardens cleaned up, the screened in room clean and the Hippie House ready for a relaxing summer sit.  Hope you all had the blessing of lovely weather this May Day and to my  fellow Pagans may the Beltane blessings be upon you for a bountiful Spring.