Saturday, November 17, 2018


Christmas decorations have been going up in our farmhouse for a week now.  This is a pretty old fashioned looking banner I found at HomeSense this year.  Reminds me of one my Great Grandmother used to have.

The kitchen is finished.  Lights, tiny trees and paper stars are looking lovely.  The cushions are dressed and ready for company.

I needed something in light pink for our new Bohemian Living Room.  I was in HomeSense and found 2 fabulous wreaths from the Fall.  Reduced from $60 each to just $8.  One had white pumpkins the other had sunflowers.  I removed those, I will use them again for the Fall, and replaced them with white poinsettias from the Dollar Store and I found a couple of bunches of Rose Gold poinsettias at Michaels.  For sound $25 for both I now have new wreaths for Christmas and Thanksgiving.  Also had enough rose gold poinsettias to fill my voltive candle holders.

The Bohemian Living Room is finished except for the big tree.  Lot of glitter and Tomtes this Christmas.

Paper stars in the windows, rose gold mylar balls in the other window, Santas, trees and candles on the old boxes and the "boys" keeping watch from the top of the Pine Cupboard.  All in all it is shaping up to be a Very Merry Christmas already.

Saturday, October 20, 2018


Tomorrow is MY HIPPIE HEART'S first Christmas Stop + Shop at STUDIO ATTICUS . Lots of fabulous up cycled kimonos and kimono jackets, Tomtes (Norwegian Christmas Elves), DreamWeavers for FEATHER + SKYE @featherandskye and much more. I you would like to come to the Studio to shop for you are for Christmas message MY HIPPIE HEART at and we can set up a time for you or a group. Booking until the second week of November. Give a HandMade Artisan gift this year and know that you have given ONE OF A KIND and support local artist. We are located in Jerseyville, Ontario Between Ancaster and Brantford.

Sunday, October 14, 2018


It's my favourite time of year, Halloween!  Rufus and I worked yesterday decorating outside of MY HIPPIE HEART Farm.  The new Olive Green paint and New Orlean's Voodoo Purple shutters look very hauntingly beautiful with the decorations.

Rufus is always a lot of help with decorating he has such good taste.  Witches, pumpkins and ghosts are lurking outside on the farm waiting to come out on All Hallows Eve.

Today I will be decorating inside the farmhouse and tomorrow I am back out in STUDIO ATTICUS to  work on some more up cycled vintage silk sari kimonos and kimono jackets for MY HIPPIE HEART. 

Saturday, October 13, 2018


Fall has turned the farm to a glory of orange, yellow and red.  Decorating for Halloween today but.....

...thinking of decorating for Christmas too.  Love these ideas.  Peace wreath a definite, lovely branch hanging "chandelier" , lots of fabulous candles on a pedalstal, you could use a cake stand, and I love the idea of mixing lots of vintage tableware this year.  Lovely!