Monday, April 29, 2013


It was finally a warm, sunny day here in Jerseyville.  The dogs loved it, although they still got muddy at least the sun dried them off.  As you can see, Atticus was quite comfy.

It was so nice to sit outside. It was a good day to read my Spring additions of British Country Living Magazine.  My Heiloom Tomatoes and English Thyme are coming along nicely.  Mr. Bunny got a fresh coat of paint too.  He was looking a little shabby but he is ready for the summer now.

 Our first El Fresco meal.  Gnocchi with green and black olives and mouth watering Garlic Bread....yummm!  We enjoyed every bite!

Unfortunately it did not last.  Sunday it rained all day!  I made jewelry for my Etsy Shop WICKED FAERIE QUEEN because it was so dreadful outside.

 I have created these lovely DOGGIE DONATION PENDANTS.  I am giving 75% of the sales to RESCUE DOGS MATCH.  It may not add up to much but hopefully in the long run it helps....every little bit helps.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and that you Monday is filled with sunshine.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

HERE CHICK, CHICK, CHICK..................

I love Chickens!  Growing up on my Grandparents farm we had laying hens.  I have been thinking of building a Chicken Coop and getting some chickens lately.

Every Spring my Grandfather would get some new chicks.  They were so sweet and soft I just could not wait for the day we went and picked them up.  He only kept 8 to 10 hens because we only need that many for the eggs.

I always found the chickens so calming.  We let them roam free on the farm but they always came back to the coop.  They would follow us around the yard sometimes and it was just so comforting to have them there.  My grandmother was funny, she would not eat their eggs my grandfather asked her where she thought the grocery store eggs came from, but she still would not eat their eggs.

Our chickens had the typical Chicken Coop.  Quite large, it was part of the original farm.  Probably designed for 40 chickens with laying beds up on the wall and lots of space to walk around in colder weather.

I have been looking at some coops and boy have they come a long way.  These "designer" coops are gorgeous.

They are more like little cottages, what chicken would not like one of these.  It makes me want to get chickens just to build a fabulous coop.

I like the pretty on with the rose bushes and the moveable one, what a great idea.

I really do like the idea of getting some chickens one day.  I  have the farmers market around the corner where I get my delicious eggs so they would be more just for me to enjoy.  Being a vegetarian they would be just for eggs.  And with the big dogs I would have to worry about the chickens being their entertainment everyday, they may not lay!

Oh, well, I could always build a cute little coop as a garden shed and use some old laying beds for shelves.   We'll see.

Thursday, April 25, 2013


I was going to post today about the work we have been doing in the garden but instead I will tell you about my Spring Purge.

I clean out cupboards and closets all the time but for some reason the Spring Clean seems to be more cleansing.  This Spring I am getting rid of even more for a good cause.

Brenda and I are throwing a huge yard sale for RESCUE DOGS MATCH on May 4th.  In this area with the cool weather it will be one of the first Yard Sales of the season.

I have been cleaning out things for weeks and today I have to finish and get sorting.  I picked up literally a car load from Natasha yesterday.  Lots of baby things and household things.  How do we manage to get so much stuff!  I think we will have everything but the kitchen sink unless Brenda brings one.

I hope it is a great success, not just to raise money but I don't want to drag this stuff anywhere else.  There is going to be a BBQ too.  Now I just have to get organized.  If you live near Cambridge look up the sale on Kijiji and drop by, I would love to meet some of my bloggers, you will know me I will be the tired looking one behind the table full of baby clothes!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


It is a rainy Spring day and we are off to visit our adorable little baby and her mommy.  It is our darling daughter-in-law, Natasha's ( CLOSET OF AN ECLECTIC GYPSY )  Birthday today.

Happy, Happy Birthday Tash.  Wishing you all of the happiness, blessings and light in the world!

So have a piece of cake on us and I hope you all have a wonderful, Spring Day.  I will post tomorrow on all of the work we did in the gardens yesterday and an update on what's to come.

Monday, April 22, 2013


It is Earth Day.  I think we should give thanks to Mother Earth everyday, I do, but I hope this one day makes people realize how wonderful she is.

 If it were not for this wonderful earth we would not have the flowers, trees and plant we enjoy and survive on.

Respect her by doing the three R's, and use cloth not plastic when you shop.  Shut off the tap, don't run your car, collect rain water for your garden, turn off a light, use a clothes line, every little bit helps.

 She gives us so much with all of her heart and all she asks in return is that we replentish what we take.

 Give her a hug today.

Respect her, after all she is our Mother.

Sunday, April 21, 2013


I have been really busy preparing for the SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES Fundraiser for RESCUE DOGS MATCH.  It is not until June 8th. but I have so many little things to get done.  A lot of lovely kind people are sending goodies for the baskets. 

I have been making bracelets for my Etsy Shop WICKED FAERIE QUEEN and I am making some to give away at the fundraiser too. 

These are my Buddha Bracelets inspired by my Buddha Kitties.

My Flower Child Peace/Wish Upon A Star Set.

   The Summer of 69 Peace Bracelets.

 My Blessing Bell Bracelets.

And last my Alice in Wonderland/Cheshire Cat Bracelets.  These are my personal favourites.  The little cat is a bell.

I am making some with little dog charms and flying pigs for the Fundraiser, what do you think?

Friday, April 19, 2013


Thank you all for the wonderful comforting hugs yesterday.  It real did make me feel so much better knowing that out there in the virtual world of blogging there are so many caring people.  I feel better today, the weather is finally getting nicer and yesterday afternoon I went outside and did some work and spent time with my furry babies.

 Winter is not your friend when you have a farm and lots of trees.  In Spring there are fallen branches, sometimes fallen trees, leaves and lots of debris to be cleaned.  My husband took down the old gazebo, you may remember I got a lovely new one a couple of years ago.  Well, we had a very wet snowfall and my dear husband, being the stubborn man that he is, refused to take the canvas off of the top of the gazebo.  He would knock the snow off everyday but this particular wet snow he did not and my new one collapsed beyond repair!  That is the last store bought gazebo, my darling man is going to built one for me at the top of the garden.  Karma!  Also, over the winter my large raised garden bed collapsed with the help of one very large white dog.  Daisy, as large as she is, managed to jump into the bed.  It was already weak and we knew we had to replace it so now there will be a new gazebo and a new garden bed.

It never ceases to amaze how much work there is to do outside.  Even though we clean in the fall we always have so much to do in the Spring.

Atticus and Rufus were a great help in the yard.  Rufus has a thing about wood so he picks up anything and takes it away.  Darling Atticus is such a baby even though he is so big.  He does not like fire at all but he put up with the one we had to stay close to us.

Daisy on the other hand gets bored.  She spent her afternoon sleeping on the porch.

Donations of things are coming in for the SOMETHING THIS WAY COMES FUNDRAISER.  A lot of companies have generously offered to send not only samples but lovely products to fill the Raffle Baskets.

Some nice fellow artists from Etsy and Blogland are donating to.  If you would like to help with something small and light for mailing just let me know and I will give you my address.

Thank you all again for the big hug yesterday, it really did make me feel so much better.