Monday, April 22, 2013


It is Earth Day.  I think we should give thanks to Mother Earth everyday, I do, but I hope this one day makes people realize how wonderful she is.

 If it were not for this wonderful earth we would not have the flowers, trees and plant we enjoy and survive on.

Respect her by doing the three R's, and use cloth not plastic when you shop.  Shut off the tap, don't run your car, collect rain water for your garden, turn off a light, use a clothes line, every little bit helps.

 She gives us so much with all of her heart and all she asks in return is that we replentish what we take.

 Give her a hug today.

Respect her, after all she is our Mother.


  1. You blog is BEAUTIFUL!!! I am now going to look at all of the parts!

  2. Here, Here I agee. Mother Earth is so generous to us, we need to be respectful of keeping her healthy. I love our Earth and her beauty.

  3. Beautiful post! Happy Mother Earth Day sweetie!

  4. Yes, we all need to do things to protect Mother Earth. She is all we've got and have to do all things good. Great post...