Thursday, July 30, 2015


A few weeks ago we hosted our annual "Revolving BBQ".  There are 6 couples, including us, who have been friends since we got married ( my husband went to school with most of them).  We started the "Revolving BBQ" 17 years ago, I cannot believe it has been that long.  We each host it and this was our year, the last time was in 2009.  I have the Christmas party every year here on the farm but most of our friends have not seen the property in the summer since 2010 for our son's wedding.

 The farm is especially lush and green this summer.  Everyone loved walking through the gardens and finding the secret little areas I created this year.  The little nook tucked into where I cut out all of the bramble bushes and my grandparents bench that they were sitting on everytime time we visited their farm in the summer.

 They loved the porches with my mini herb garden and the wonderful view we have the honour and pleasure of seeing every morning as we have our breakfast on the porch.

 The porches look really nice.  My husband had to replace the walk around porch this year and it turned out fabulous, now I have to paint it all.  We also put on some lovely new stairs on the side porch, Rufus loves them he thinks they were built for him.  The gardens in the front put on quite a show for our company.

 We had lots of places to sit for our friends.  I found the large wicker chair in the garbage and the small ones were only $5 at a thrift store.  I stenciled the numbers and repurposed a lovely old blue door as a table.  The wooden carrier is one of the first pieces I ever made.

The Hippie House was the favourite spot for the girls to sit.  They loved being able to look at the gardens from there and handsome Atticus enjoyed the ladies too.

 I am so happy with the gardens this summer.  The herbs are flourishing and the flower beds are almost overgrown I keep moving things to other beds and they are still full.  My Heirloom Tomatoes are just hanging with fruit, I cannot wait to have the first ripe tomato.  My green onions are incredible , we eat them everyday. And my bathtub full of lettuce and spinach is still going strong.

The dogs enjoyed seeing everyone although it did not stop Daisy from trying to catch Chipmunks ( she hasn't yet but it does take up most of her day).

All of our friends live in the city.  They said that it was so magical and relaxing here, one of them thought we should open the farm up as a retreat.  They thought we were used to the beauty and peace and did not see it like other people did who came here.

That is not true.  I wake up everyday and walk through the gardens, sit on each porch and listen, breath and see the beauty that we have been gifted with here on " Happily Ever After Animal Farm".  It took me a long time to name my farm but with all of my loving pets that have come into our hearts and home it seemed right.  Now that I have finished this post, I hope you enjoy it and I am going out to sit in the Hippie House and have a cold drink surrounded by my loves, Daisy, Rufus, Atticus and Alley , my other loves (the cats) Stella , Layla and Luca are sleeping on my bed and my main love is at work and will be home soon to relax in our Sanctuary.

Sunday, July 26, 2015


 Ever since I was a little girl I have loved to blow bubbles.

I spend endless hours in the summer with a bowl of homemade bubbles just watching them as they floated away in an array of rainbow colours, going up and up to far away places.

I have never stopped blowing bubbles.  I keep bottles all over my house, studio, hippie house and screened-in room.  I blow bubbles all year, even in the snow.  It is so relaxing.  Once I start and watch those magical orbs float away everything else floats away with them.

It is something that is so simple and pure, like childhood.  If you feel stress or sadness just get out your bubbles and I can guarantee it will lift your spirits.

Everyone loves bubbles!  It is something you can do with your kids, grandkids and even your pets will get joy from it.
Make your own or buy some but keep those bubble around, it is the best, free therapy and a whole lot of fun.