Friday, February 17, 2017


Growing up in the 70's the PEACE SIGN was a symbol of my youth.  Being a hippie it meant so much to me.  I don't think you could go anywhere without seeing one of someone giving you the "Peace Sign".

Over the past few years the PEACE SIGN has come back into vogue.  A new generation has "discovered" it.  I was interested to see where it actually came from and surprised when I found out where, this is what I found online.

The PEACE SIGN was designed in 1958 by British artist Gerald Haltom for the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND)  which was having it's first major march in England.  HolTman explained that the symbol superimposed the semaphore letters "N" and "D" over each other.

I find it interesting that the PEACE SIGN was designed for Nuclear Disarmament, it's meaning has not changed much in 59 years.

The holding up of 2 fingers for Peace also has an interesting origin.

The "V" is a hand gesture in which the middle and index finger are raised and parted. During the Vietnam War the finger sign was adopted by the counterculture as a symbol of Peace.

The PEACE SIGN is now found not only as a symbol of Peace but as a fashion statement.  I make PEACE jewelry, the last 3 pieces are from my Etsy Shop, MY HIPPIE HEART JEWELRY, and you can find  infinite designers making it too.

People wear it as body art, something I will be doing in April once I have locked down a design.  I like the thought of always having peace in my heart and on my body.

From a design perspective, the PEACE SIGN is perfect.  Simple but it makes a statement and is know worldwide, like a smile it language is the same in every country. The metal Peace Sign can be found at BLUE METAL DESIGN on ETSY.

It is so well love that we now incorporate it into our decor.

I love it so much that I use this vintage Peace Sign card as the symbol of my Kimono Business MY HIPPIE HEART.  I have it on all of my labels as well as using the last photo on my website and my business cards.

Peace  symbols crops up in nature everyone and isn't that appropriate.

I added these photos after I posted.  My lovely son and beautiful grand babies made this fabulous PEACE SIGN in their backyard for their Bella ( that is me).  Isn't it lovely!

So the next time you see a PEACE SIGN, show the PEACE SIGN or wear one remember it has come from a noble cause and it is a noble symbol.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017


What is more romantic than Love Birds?  This Valentine's Day it's all about little birds.

I adore these Vintage Bird Postcard Valentines, so sweet.

These adorable Valentine Bird Jewellry pieces are something I would love to have.  I do have a set of bluebirds in pin form from my Great Grandmother I think I will wear that today.

These old chocolate holds are fabulous.  The mugs are new but what a nice way to have your coffee or tea for a Valentine Breakfast.


Monday, February 13, 2017


Tomorrow is Valentine's Day so my  Valentine gift to all of you is a post of sweet, amazing Valentine treats.

We will start the day off with a fabulous Valentine Breakfast.  For those of us who are eating healthy some simple heart shaped pancakes with fruit or some delicious yogurt with fruit skewers is just the treat.  Now if you want to be a little or a lot sinful how about a Valentine Crepe Cake.  Oh how I would love this.  Delicious paper thin crepes sandwiched between whip cream and topped with strawberries....yummm.  Now for the really sinful breakfast.  The CHOCOLATE OMBRE PANCAKES from TWO LOVES STUDIO BLOG would make anyones Valentine's Day special, oh I wish I could eat something like this but I am being a good girl this year.

For lunch how about some coffee or tea and a cookie.  You can get elaborate and make something like the first tray,  love those, or  go simple.  An iced shortbread cookie with heart sprinkles are lovely too.

I am a macaroon girl myself.  I love a really good macaroon.  Make them, if you are good at it, or find a really good bakery who specialize in them.  Now here is a cookie, well sort of a cookie.  Meringues are actually very easy to make and very low calorie.  They are fun to add colour too and pipe in rose shapes like these beautiful rose cookies, you will find the recipe and a lot more at SUGARKISSED BLOG,  You can also make a yummy dessert and fill them with whipped cream or ice cream and top with berries, these treats can be found at PAULA DEAN MAGAZINE.COM.

Now for dessert after dinner.  How about some cupcakes.  These beauties, little jewels, are not hard to make ( except the pot of cupcake flowers, which is just breathtaking).  Some sugar hearts, glitter sugar, a good rose tip and off you go.  Who would not like a box of rose cupcakes from their sweetie or a tiny heart cupcake.  The sweet vanilla cupcakes topped with cupid's arrow can be found on MOMMY SHORTS BLOG  along with a lot of fun Valentine's ideas.

If you really want to get Valentine Dessert crazy, make a spectacular Valentine Cake.  The first one I put on just because it amazed me.  I could not find the tutorial but apparently it is not that hard to do.  The chalkboard cake is my favourite.  Oh i just love this and the I LOVE YOU CAKE is something I, even as a really good cake maker, cannot figure out how it was done and I could not find the instructions online.

You can do a simple strawberry shortcake, you can even use a ready made Pound or Angel Food cake for this one.  I really like the idea of Red Velvet Cake in a Jar, so simple but it really look nice, this recipe is at SUGAR HERO BLOG.

I have one last treat for you, simple, delicious and looks quite impressive.  No time to bake?  Can't bake or decorate?  Dip some plump cherries in white chocolate, or dark if you prefer and sprinkle with Dragees which you can find in any grocery store.  Forget chocolate dipped strawberries these lovelies are the way to go this Valentine's Day.

Whatever you do, make or buy, ENJOY!!!!