Friday, January 24, 2014


I just stop by to show you my new line of TAROT BAGS in my Etsy Shop WICKED FAERIE QUEEN.  I love making these.  They are handstitched and a little blessing is sewn into each one.

Hope the weather is nicer where you are.  Here in Southern Ontario it is freezing!  It is windy and icy and my husband just informed me we may get a storm tomorrow.  Holy Hannah!  What is going on?  I cannot remember such a horrible winter in a very long time.  I don't mind the snow but it is the freezing wind and all the ice.

Keep warm!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I have been working for days photography my jewellry for MY HIPPIE HEART JEWELLRY Shop on Etsy.
I've been putting things on all day and still have so many more to go. 

Before I call it a night I thought I would give you a little preview.  Stop by sometime for a visit.

RESCUE DOGS MATCH rescued these 4 adorable lab/rottweiller pups last week.  The rescue is out of funds so we are having a NAME THE PUP contest.  For a $5.00 donation you can name 2 pups and a winner will be picked when we raise enough money for vetting.  There are 2 girls and 2 boys.  Go to  this NAME THE PUP LINK if you would like to help.

Sunday, January 19, 2014


Thank you all so much for joining in on my 300 THANK YOU ALL GIVEAWAY.   I have some new followers too, which is always nice.

Now without further ado here are the 3 winners.....

The first winner of the Black Hectite Cat Necklace and Flower Peace Earrings is..........


The second winner of my Magic Moon and Mystical Stars set is...............


And the third winner of my Protection Spell Pentagram set is............


Again, thank you everyone who joined in and check back for a VALENTINE DAY GIVEAWAY.   Congratulations to the winners and please e-mail me your info and I will send these right out to you.

Friday, January 17, 2014


I adore quilts.  I have several lovely old ones from my grandmother and although I have used them I am almost afraid to keep them out because of the cats and fading from the sun.  I know it is silly, maybe I will have to get them out in the Spring.

I am drawn to red and white quilts.  I love the one with the crosses.  There is something very cheery and country about a red and white quilt.  Even the new ones look very homey.

I love the delicate stitching in the old quilts.  So tiny and so many.  And the colours!  You can see the love that has gone into them.  I can imagine a group of women getting together to make one for a Wedding or baby.  Have you seen the film " How To Make An American Quilt" with Winona Ryder?  It is really a lovely film about life and quilting.

I like to go to Quilt Shows and see them in Antique Markets.  Each one is unique.  Even though you may see the same pattern it is never the same because the fabrics are all different.  I love this Crazy Quilt and the Heart Quilt is really different.   I think I would like to try something like that.

So sweet and delicate yet strong.  Quilts withstand time if properly cared for.  If they do get damaged or if you find one that seems beyond repair you can always salvage it and make a nice throw pillow.

I have never tried Quilting but if I did I would like to do it the old fashioned way.  A group of friends getting together, sewing, gabbing, and creating something that will be around for a very long time.

I may try one for my sweet little darling.  I can just picture her curled up in a quilt made by her Bella and one day snuggling under it with her little darlings.

It is the last day to enter my 300 THANK YOU ALL GIVEAWAY  you could win one of three sets of MY HIPPIE HEART JEWELLRY.  Go to the link and leave a comment on the post.  I will draw tomorrow night.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I have a few complaints today, all pertaining to mail.  First off JUNK MAIL.  I don't know about you but we get a very high volume of junk mail. 

On a daily basis we average 6 to 8 pieces of different content and sizes, Thursdays are worse because that is flyer day.  Not only do we get them in the post box we get a bag of them in the driveway, which, for some reason are all the same with a few more added.  The thing that bugs me the most are the ones from charities.  Don't get me wrong, I understand that this has to be done to generate donations and we donate monthly to many animal charities but I don't understand why they have to keep sending so many address labels and greeting cards.  These must cost a fortune even with discounts.  Why not just put those funds back into your charity.  Most people who would donate would still donate without the hundreds of labels we are sent yearly.  I have enough return address labels to keep me going until 2020, and I am not being ironic.

Our Blue Box is brimming with flyers, envelopes and just paper junk every week.  I don't burn paper, bad for the enviornment.  I could not believe there are actually books out now teaching crafting with junk mail, these people have too much time on their hands.

Then, I go to check my e-mail in the morning and I have dozens of junk mail e-mails and not just in my SPAM.  SPAM, who came up with that term?  I am sure I am not the only one who sees the blue can in their minds whenever they see that word. 

I get Junk Mail on my computer at an alarming rate all day.  I don't even know how they get my address.  I do online shopping but I don't take surveys so that baffles me.

All I want is a quiet, Junk, Spam free life.  It get exhausting erasing Junk and wrapping Junk mail to put outside every week.  How many more trees have to die?

And now for the second part of my Rant.  Canada Post announced the elimination of thousands of postal carrier jobs starting in March this year.  The plan is to stop door to door delivery.

The friendly Mailman will be a relic, a thing of the past.  How can this happen?  I do not understand how the government could allow such a slap in the Canadian peoples face and then to add insult to injury our stamps are being raised from 65 cents to $1. each, unless you buy a book.  That also means sending packages will be outrages.  Sign your first born over to the government folks that's the only way you will get your packages delivered in Canada.

These central post boxes have been around for a while.  Now they want to put them everywhere.  That is fine if you live within walking distance but what about us Rural people?  We live a good 2 miles from a central crossing and others around the country farther.  What about the elderly?  If you don't have a car or strong legs those boxes are going to fill up fast. Not everyone owns a computer for bills either, so what about those.

Our pretty country mailboxes will not longer exist.  They will be turned into planters of worse.  I have signed several petitiions, I don't know if that does any good but my fellow Canadians, if you sign one who knows, we may still live in a Democracy.

Well, that is my Rant for the week, felt good to get it out there. 

My 300 THANK YOU GIVEAWAY ends of Saturday January 18th. so don't forget to go to the post and sign up.