Friday, June 29, 2012


I have been off blogging for a couple of days while I decorated my blog. I don't know if I do it wrong but everytime I do a new background my whole blog gets scrambled and I have to rearrange everything! I still had some trouble with this layout from CUTE N COOL BLOG STUFF. It is the 3 column and I still cannot figure out how to do it with the proper layout. If you have not visited CUTE N COOL BLOG STUFF she has some really amazing things for blog decorating.

As you can see I am feeling very Bohemian. I love Gypsy and Bohemian looks, clothing and jewelry. It is funny when we did it in the 70's it was not called Bohemian or Gypsy, we were just hippies doing our thing.

I love layering jewelry and big jewelry that is probably why I am so attracted to the Bohemian look.

Oh these are so gorgeous! I love the second ones from GYPSYVILLE.

I like the elaborate and the simple beaded bracelets too. You can buy them everywhere now at every price. The second one is from THE OLD SCHOLAR and at just $26.00 it is a real bargain.

I found some fabulous Bohemian bracelets on Etsy. The second one is from ANGEL OF 2 and is just $25.00. The last one is from GYPSY INTENT I love this one but alas it was sold.

No matter how you wear them, layered, in a single strand or on your ankles, Bohemian and Gypsy bracelets are a sumptuous, fantastic way to add a great look this summer or anytime.

Images from PINTEREST.

Monday, June 25, 2012


I have a little bit of everything to post about today.

First, how about some delicious Scandinavian food.

To celebrate the Summer Soltice we had a lovely lunch of Egg Sandwiches on good brown bread with Mayonnaise and Dill. This is a lovely light traditional Scandinavian lunch.

Today for breakfast I made Smoked Salmon on good traditional Swedish Crackers with Cream Cheese and Dill. I like plain Cream Cheese but I also love Herbed or Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese with this too. Try it you will love it.

Not sure if I have mentioned my love of chickens. I have big ones and littles one and a few flocks everywhere. These two groups are in my studio. I don't know what it is but I just find them comforting and a little comical.

Daisy has a new fascination or should I say obsession with the squirrels. Much to their chagrin, she spends most of her day under the trees that lead to the bird feeders where the squirrels hang out. She is a determined girl and tries her darndest to climb the trees to catch one.

With the rest of her day, sweet Daisy is usually playing with Rufus. They never stop it is like having a couple of kids. They have managed to break three flower pots with their running around. He is like a clumsy bear and she is like a baby giraffe.

I have some great news about Buddha Kitty. I am adding some really lovely new pieces to my Etsy Shop
WICKED FAERIE QUEEN for Buddha Kitty. She is very popular and I just love her.

Well, Iam off to work on my Buddha Kitty project in the studio today. Pop over to LUCY'S GARDEN for an update on my Heirloom Garden. It is looking beautiful. We had the lettuce last night with dinner.

Happy Day to All.

Sunday, June 24, 2012


I want to thank all of you who participated in my GIVEAWAY to bring awarness to RESCUE DOGS MATCH. From the bottom of my heart a big THANK YOU! Please remember to open your home and your hearts to a dog or cat who needs you, young or old they all love the same. And now to the winners.

I used my grandmothers lovely Bennington Bowl to draw the winners.

First is Peggy of Queenmothermamaw. You won the Wicked Witch Box.

Second is barbandemily. You won the Faerie Box.

And third is Willow. You won the Chicken Pin Cushions.

Congratulations to the three winners and please e-mail me your addresses so I can send out your gifts. Once again thank you all so much and go and give you furry babies a big hug from Rufus and Daisy. Oh, the cats don't want to be left out so hugs from Stella, Layla and Luca too!

Saturday, June 23, 2012


Have you heards the news?

No what is it?

Rufus & Daisy are having a GIVEAWAY, it is for a really good cause, but you had better hurry because it ends on Saturday June 23rd.

Well what are you waiting for? I have seen the prizes and they are great so hurry and go to the GIVEAWAY POST now to enter.

We are on our way!

Images from PINTEREST.

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Have you ever heard the phrase " Go to your Happy Place?" Well I have a Happy Place. Whenever I am stressed or just need to get away I go there.

I close my eyes and head down a sandy path to my ocean Beach House.

The outside changes but one thing is always the same.

It is on the beach right near the ocean.

The interior is always the same. Robin egg blue and white ( Nigella Lawson's Beach House are these colours and I love them). It is very serene with lots of window and the curtains blowing from the ocean breeze. Oh, and it is always just me there enjoying the sun and the sand and my beautiful Beach House.

And at the end of the day ( or daydream ) I get into my VW van ( another fantasy) and head back to reality. Yes, I do know that my Beach House is much bigger on the inside than on the outside but it is my Happy Place.

Images from PINTEREST.

Now don't forget that Daisy and Rufus are having a HUGE GIVEAWAY which ends this Saturday June 23rd. so get over there and sign up.