Thursday, June 21, 2012


Have you ever heard the phrase " Go to your Happy Place?" Well I have a Happy Place. Whenever I am stressed or just need to get away I go there.

I close my eyes and head down a sandy path to my ocean Beach House.

The outside changes but one thing is always the same.

It is on the beach right near the ocean.

The interior is always the same. Robin egg blue and white ( Nigella Lawson's Beach House are these colours and I love them). It is very serene with lots of window and the curtains blowing from the ocean breeze. Oh, and it is always just me there enjoying the sun and the sand and my beautiful Beach House.

And at the end of the day ( or daydream ) I get into my VW van ( another fantasy) and head back to reality. Yes, I do know that my Beach House is much bigger on the inside than on the outside but it is my Happy Place.

Images from PINTEREST.

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  1. *Sigh* what a beautiful happy place you go to!!!! I can smell the ocean, feel the warm sand between my toes, the warmth of the sun, ah, the serenity . . . .


  2. I love that headboard made out of oars. I grew up on the coast, and I do miss it. Now we live at one of the furthest places from the sea. Mind you in the UK that isn't really very far away!

  3. Hey there, I never got an email on where to send your giveaway in from me. You won a sweet Frenah Pillow and a handmade card from my giveaway. I don't know if it went into my spam folder or not, but I am trying to contact you once again to get your address, so I can mail it to you. Please email me at I would really like to send it to you! Oh and by the way, I love your by the sea photos.

  4. I love your happy place! Mine is deep in the woods near the base of an ancient Oak tree and a small running stream. Thick moss blankets the ground and the tree tops are full of life. ;-)