Sunday, March 29, 2015

I AM WOMAN.......I AM TIRED!!!!!!!

Today is a venting day for me.  We all have them.  As women we don't always take the time to, well, feel sorry for ourselves.  If you are a woman you know exactly what I mean.  Today I am just plain tired.  I feel like I have been spinning my wheels and not getting anywhere.  I got up this morning at 7 a.m. and just wanted to go back to bed but I have a lot to do today and if I leave it I know it will pile up and make much more for me to do later.

Let me start by saying a bit about my life.  First, I am usually a calm, very centred hippie souled woman.  I don't usually let things get to me.  I just stop, take a breath and look at the farm and my life and realize how thankful I am to be blessed with the way of life I lead.

I am a flower child, tree hugging, organic gardening girl.  I live in Canada so the garden season , which is hard work but I find very calming, is very short.

I love all animals.  I do a lot of volunteering for the small Dog Rescue I became involved in after adopting 3 of their dogs, which I love.  The stories are most of the time heartbreaking and very hard for me but I cannot stop helping because these dogs need us.  I just sometimes cry for a while and carry on.

I am a Green Earth Wiccan Woman, this keeps me centred.  I am an artist which gives me an outlet for my creative heart, sometimes I don't have enough time for this and that makes me sad.
A few other things I am we all are, I am sure.  I saw this and it made me laugh.  What woman is not a Personal Stylist & Shopper?  What woman is not a-


I am a multi tasker but with only 2 arms, we all are.  Usually this is not a problem, usually I take a breath and keep going but today I am just tired.  I have so much to do but I am having trouble taking that breath and getting the tasks done.


Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone.  Finally, the snow is melting, the green, well mud right now, is coming.  It is St. Patrick's Day and that means luck and lots of green!

A little Irish tradition.

A little Irish humour.

And a little green wickedness from the Wicked Faerie Queen.  May your day be filled with luck, love and lots and lots of green!