Tuesday, November 25, 2014


It is bitter cold here in Southern Ontario and very windy, not the best start for the Holiday Season but nothing will take away my Christmas Cheer.

We have been renovating our kitchen (more on that in a later post) and I was behind in my Christmas decorating, I usually have everything done by the second week of November.  Being Scandinavian has something to do with the early decorating, we celebrate two Christmas's, St. Lucia Day on December 13th. and of course Christmas.  We also have our Christmas Party this weekend, it starts everyone off for the holidays and we just love it.  On the 7th. there is another Christmas party here on the farm, our family gets together early and this year it is a triple celebration, Christmas, our grandsons First Birthday and our sons Birthday, it will be quite a day.  Last year every day we planned to get together we got hit with a huge snowstorm so we thought we would do it early this year.

I have been visiting some of my Scandinavian bloggers today and have enjoyed seeing their Christmas homes decked out in festive white and red with the little Tomtes and Olkipukki ( the Reindeer the Tomte,little Knome, rides to bring the presents to good girls and boys.

It really puts me in the Christmas Spirit to see all that lovely white and the trees in pots.  Lots of lit stars like these pretty ones from Ikea,  I have them in my kitchen and family room, they give such a nice glow.

I look forward to visiting everyone and see your Christmas homes now that all of our renovating is done.  I can finally get back to enjoying everyones blogs and just in time for the Holiday Season.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


 Good morning everyone, I hope wherever you are you did not get the horrible storm that seems to have swooped in so suddenly .  Here on the farm we got a good bit of snow and thank goodness the winds have stopped today but it is bitter cold.  The poor pups run out and right back, even Daisy, our Great Pyrenese who loves the winter comes right back inside.

On a warmer note I wanted to share with you the fabulous ring I bought on Etsy this week.  I ordered mine in Nickel Silver and I just love it.  I purchase it from a wonderful artisan, Denise, from DENISE'S CRAFT ROOM on Etsy.

Denise makes the most beautiful, whimsical stamped pieces in a variety of metals and she is very reasonably priced too.  I love the Wish Ring.  I am ordering another ring with my favourite phrase, Denise is nice enough to accomodate custom requests as well.

Her earrings are so lovely and earthy looking.

She makes bracelets and some really adorable keychains too.

So if you are snowed in today pop over to DENISE'S CRAFT ROOM and have a little shopping spree....Christmas is right around the corner!

Monday, November 3, 2014


Meet Houdini and Rocky.  These two adorable little guys have come to stay with us as Fosters until we can find them loving forever homes.  As you know I volunteer with RESCUE DOGS MATCH and periodically foster puppies (up to 9 at a time!)  Last week the Rescue got a call from a lovely woman who had to have surgery and did not feel she could properly care for thes 7 year old little bundles of joy.  I cannot imagine making that decision but it happens more than you may think.

Houdini and Rocky were just suppose to stop for a few days but they are so sweet and loving my husband and I could not see disturbing them again so they will be with us until we find them a really good home together. They are now sleeping with my husband in the spare bedroom on the bed so hopefully a loving couple come along sooner than later.  This happens every time we Foster , hubby get super attached, I do too but we have 3 big babies and 3 cats so I am not crazy.

We have a lot of dogs with the Rescue right now, some in Foster care but many waiting in the kennel.  There is no money left, not a penny!  We have some fundraisers coming up but word of mouth does help too.  So perhaps you could all pass the word on your blogs to help the Rescue.