Friday, September 30, 2011


It is Friday once again and time for some more spooky, amazing decorating tips.

First up are these beautiful tableclothes. I love these and they can be found at Pottery Barn Kids. You can also get creative and make your own. I saw a lovely one from Bethany Lowe that was orange with black cats and about 10" of black tulle around the border. It was beautiful and on ebay but unfortunately I could not get a picture.

I think these wreaths are fantastic. You don't always think about putting up a wreath for Halloween but these simple black ones are fabulous and against the orange door, it makes me want to change my door colour just for Halloween. The gate is wonderful with that spider and the ravens, what a lovely fence.

And lets not forget your witches brooms. It is always nice to have extra in case your guests would like a midnight ride.

These pumpkins look so magical and what a simple decorating idea.

I just love this idea, I think I may do this one myself.

I just ordered over a dozen of these paper lanterns in assorted colours and images on ebay but you can find the pumpkin and bat ones in your local Dollar Stores.

Aren't these brooms amazing, could you imagine one of these in your kitchen for Halloween. They are Broomba Self-Propelled Brooms from Grandin Road.

With a little imagination ordinary pumpkins become spooky display for your table. What a lovely, simple, inexpensive centre piece.

I found these eerily, incredible Halloween Wedding Cakes and could not resist showing them. They are so beautiful, wouldn't they be impressive as a centre piece to your Halloween Party. I would not want to cut them.

I hope you are all enjoying my FRIDAY HALLOWEEN SPOOKTAKULAR DECORATING HINTS. I would love to see what you are creating for your own Halloween night. Let me know when you get some pictures up and I will come for a visit.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I have not posted for a few days. Things have been hectic. Our son and his family moved into their new home yesterday so we have been going back and forth to Toronto to be with our beautiful granddaughter while they finished packing and moving. If we did not have five furry family members we would have just stayed, it would have been a lot easier than getting up at 5 a.m. for 3 days. I used to work in a bakery and got up at 3 a.m. everyday, boy I do not miss that. Anyway they are tucked into their first new home and so happy. Their cats have settled in, and if you have cats and have moved you know they do not like change, but these guys are okay.

So I have some thank yous to make. First I want to thank Teresa from Enduring Traditions for this lovely Giveaway I received last week. Three adorable witches hats which smell delicious and a wonderful Halloween cone that is so cute and my cat Luca wants to wear as a hat for Halloween.

Next I want to thank all of the wonderful, wonderful, witchy women I met at the Practical Magic Blog Party I had a fabulous time. Your party posts were amazingly, bewitchingly beautiful. Thanks to Anna at Frosted Petunias I hope you host one next year I am looking forward to it already. Thanks to everyone who are new followers it is so nice to meet you.

And now for an Autumn update. I have gotten some of my yard put to bed for the winter and done some fall decorating inside and out. Soon I will be putting up the Halloween decorating, I can't wait. But for now here are my fall pics.

Friday, September 23, 2011


I want to thank Anna at Frosted Petunias for hosting this wonderful, magical PRACTICAL MAGIC BLOG PARTY. I absolutely love this movie and I am so happy to have met so many fellow witches and non witches who love it too.

Welcome to my Practical Magic World.

THE HOUSE. The movie is about the Owens women but let's face it we all watch it for the house. What an amazing Victorian Home they created. I would love to build one just like it.

THAT KITCHEN! Like most of you I love the Owens kitchen. You could really cast some spells in there!

I love this kitchen so much that although I did not make one like it ( I wish!) when we built my studio I made a little room like the conservatory off of the Owens kitchen.

THE AUNTS, THE SISTERS AND THOSE CLOTHES! Wouldn't we all love to have aunts like Jet and Frances. Not only are they amazing witches they dress in the coolest clothes. Gillian and Sally are fab sisters there for each other no matter what, they also have fantastic taste in clothes. I found a great shop that sells reproduced Victorian clothes just like the movie and next years Blog Party (hint, hint Anna) I am dressing the part.

Well Ladies, I'm ready for some Midnight Margaritas, so let's get this party started. Did you know that filming the Midnight Margarita scene the actresses really got completely drunk on a bottle of Tequila Nicole Kidman brought to the set. Now there's a movie I would have liked to have acted in.

Okay girls, grab your drinks and lets go upstairs.

I have my hat ready and my flight spell cast.

So lets join Jet, Frances, Sally and Gillian on the roof for some fun.

I hope you all have enjoyed your visit. I am on my way to your house now, so get the margaritas ready and remember to always plant Rosemary on one side of the garden for Remeberance and Sage on the other side for Wisdom and if a broom falls company is coming so LETS CLEAN HOUSE!!!!!