Friday, September 30, 2011


It is Friday once again and time for some more spooky, amazing decorating tips.

First up are these beautiful tableclothes. I love these and they can be found at Pottery Barn Kids. You can also get creative and make your own. I saw a lovely one from Bethany Lowe that was orange with black cats and about 10" of black tulle around the border. It was beautiful and on ebay but unfortunately I could not get a picture.

I think these wreaths are fantastic. You don't always think about putting up a wreath for Halloween but these simple black ones are fabulous and against the orange door, it makes me want to change my door colour just for Halloween. The gate is wonderful with that spider and the ravens, what a lovely fence.

And lets not forget your witches brooms. It is always nice to have extra in case your guests would like a midnight ride.

These pumpkins look so magical and what a simple decorating idea.

I just love this idea, I think I may do this one myself.

I just ordered over a dozen of these paper lanterns in assorted colours and images on ebay but you can find the pumpkin and bat ones in your local Dollar Stores.

Aren't these brooms amazing, could you imagine one of these in your kitchen for Halloween. They are Broomba Self-Propelled Brooms from Grandin Road.

With a little imagination ordinary pumpkins become spooky display for your table. What a lovely, simple, inexpensive centre piece.

I found these eerily, incredible Halloween Wedding Cakes and could not resist showing them. They are so beautiful, wouldn't they be impressive as a centre piece to your Halloween Party. I would not want to cut them.

I hope you are all enjoying my FRIDAY HALLOWEEN SPOOKTAKULAR DECORATING HINTS. I would love to see what you are creating for your own Halloween night. Let me know when you get some pictures up and I will come for a visit.


  1. This post is making me want to throw a Halloween party. I love all of the ideas for decorating that you showed. I can't wait to get started on my decorating.

  2. Everything is so magical, and beautiful! I want it all!!!

  3. How wonderful, you took me on a magical tour with great photos. Thanks for sharing. Kathy

  4. Well, since jack-o-lanterns are little lanterns, the hole punched look is appropriate (and magical!). I really like how they look grouped together and may try some this year. Thanks for assembling these ideas! ~Roberta