Tuesday, September 29, 2015


It is with a heavy heart that I write this post tonight in honour of our beautiful girl Layla. 

This amazing cat gave us the privilage of becoming her family 12 years ago.

She was a stray at my husband's factory and she was all personality.  He brought her home and she stole our hearts right from day one.

Layla was all skin and bones and giant ears that night.  She ate like she had never been fed and continued to eat like that for a couple of years until she became the plump, delightful country cat of our dreams.  She always was happy, meowing at you.  She joined all of our parties often taking a guests seat but no one minded because everyone loved Layla, even people who were not that found of cats liked her.

We always knew where she was.  Either on our bed with her buddies, in the bathtub , on the counter or sitting right beside us in the family room.  She loved my husband he was her savior.

She would pose for pictures with those big owl eyes of hers. 

I noticed this summer she had lost a bit of weight and then a few weeks ago she was breathing heavily .  The news was not good.  She held on for a couple of weeks and today she looked at us with those beautiful eyes and we knew it was going to be our last day with our girl.

We will miss you my sweet doll.  She has been at the bottom of our bed for 12 years, the space is empty now and so is a space in our hearts.  xxxooo

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Finally my beloved Black Krim Tomatoes have ripened.  I started these seeds in March and they seemed to take forever this season.  Quite delicious although I must say last summers were sweeter.

The heat finally broke today.  For the past week it has been unbearably hot here.  This is how Layla, Stella and Luka have spent most days....poor babies. 

You may remember that  a couple of years ago I painted this French Poster on the back of my kitchen bench.  Although I loved it I was getting a bit tired of the French theme in the kitchen.  I was not sure what I wanted to do.  I had always had the bench painted the same colour as the walls so it blended.  I was in Michael's Craft Store a couple of weeks ago, I do sometimes find some pretty unusual things there, like numbered knobs, wood plaque numbers and other things in the reduced.  Well this time I found some real fabulous metal large stencils reduced by 70% so I got them for under $1.00 each.  I bought them all without caring what they would spell or what I would do with them. 

I got home and was fooling around with the spelling and when I came up with this word it inspired me to redo the bench.  I also had picked up a very cool lit sign from HomeSense that was perfect.

TaDa!  Isn't it fantastic.  I used the paint I bought for the livingroom for the bench it really pops now.  The letters perfectiy spelled NOOK and the ONE WAY sign points to our back door.  I could not be more please with the result.  It took me under an hour to paint and about 10 minutes to put it all together.  I just LOVE IT!

I have been busy around the farm finishing up all the little jobs I started or wanted to get done before Fall.

I have a lot of photographs and had filled on wall with them in the traditional nailing them up way.  I update the photos from time to time or ad more so I came up with this idea.  I had my husband make me some very simple shelves with a small edge for the frame to rest on and easy peasy I now can switch up the photos any time, it is easy to dust too.  This was done for under $20.

We have been going through all of the salvage from my grandparents farm and I have been repurposing as much as I can.  In a former life this was an amazing window it is now a chalkboard in my kitchen.  The top is for me and my little sweetie Quinn-Estelle claimed the bottom for herself.

I will do another post on my new bathroom later but here is a preview.  I was inspired by this absolutely incredible shower curtain by Valentina Ramos.  Her work is lovely, so wild and detailed.  Once I had the shower curtain my Hippie Bohemian bathroom just fell into place.  I am painting the ceiling Raspberry but it is taking a bit of time.  My ceiling is made of old tin tiles which are peeling so I have to scrape them first.  I did a little piece to see what it will look like and it looks amazing.  I painted the walls a soft pale taupe/cream.  The mirror is from an old salvaged door.  My little peanut Quinn-Estelle told her mommy one day that she wanted to make a special picture for her Bella ( that is what she calls me).  They went to the craft store and she picked out everything.  She knows how much I love Peace Symbols so when I came to visit that week she presented me with the most beautiful picture.  She drew Peace Symbols all over with hearts and flowers and make a big one in the middle and glued glittery flowers all over it .  I was so happy and it was like we were one mind because I knew exactly where it would go.  I framed it and put it above my old repurposed shelf in the bathroom.  It is the most precious thing I own now.

When I am all finished I will post the comlplete bathroom.

Well I must be off we are replacing the windows in the livingroom today and I have to wash floors from some very muddy dogs who came rushing in this morning after a downpour.

Hope you all have a lovely day.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Yes I am distressed.  Wood distressed that is!

I have always loved the worn patina of old painted wood.  I have many pieces large and small and my love affair just grows stronger.

Lately I have fallen for old distressed walls as well. Mind you I think I would prefer one wall of a large room or a small room all distressed.  I think a large distressed room would be a bit overwhelming.

I also adore the slat wood pieces worn out in different shades of paint.  I even like some of the newer pieces.

You may recall in my post last fall that we had repurposed an old maple table into a kitchen unit.  I just love this piece.

Our annual Christie's Antique Show is coming up I am hoping to see some booths like this one....oh bliss!!  Perhaps I will luck out and see some fabulous painted bowls like these.

I am so in love with old patina wood that I have decided to reconfigure my Etsy Shop LUCY'S GARDEN.   I am hoping to have it ready in 2 weeks and when I do I will have a little GIVEAWAY to celebrate. 

The picture above gives a little hint as to what I am creating for the shop.

Also I would like to do a HALLOWEEN BLOG TOUR.  If anyone is interested please let me know.  I would like to have enough people to do one, I just love the other ones I have joined and hosted.