Thursday, December 31, 2015


The pretty wrapping paper is torn and tossed aside.  The cookies have been eaten.  Santa is at home with his feet up.

It is the night of making  resolutions.  The promise of a brighter New Year to come.

Everything is shiny and glittery tonight.  Dancing, music and then the clock will strike 12.

I raise my glass to you all.  I hope you have had a wonderful year and now let's put it to bed and welcome our New Year 2016.  May you get all you wish for.

xxoo Sue

Thursday, December 24, 2015


Okay, I am not going to sugar coat this, I am a bit behind on Christmas.  I does not matter how early I start something always happens.

This year my hubby and I have both been sick for a week, that put me way behind.  I had the Christmas Party with my sister's part of the family last Sunday, that was like a whole Christmas Day.

Writing this post is actually my only relaxing time today.  I have stuffing to make, cookies to bake, cleaning to do, presents to wrap, dishes to shine, dogs to feed, a hubby who is still under the weather and I still have not showered......oh, Santa, send me a few elves.

Some will say " you bring it on yourself, why do so much?"  Well here is why.  My grandparents did it , I was always amazed by that and kind of took it for granted that Christmas was always on the farm, then I started to do it and they were fine with that, now I know why.

Don't get me wrong, I do love it all, the baking, the wrapping and decorating, but what I don't really love is the commercialism which is really getting to me this year.  Next year I am scaling down and telling everyone to please don't give us things we never need although the thought is nice.  Please donate whatever you would give in our names to an animal charity, I would love that.

Now back to the actual Christmas Eve.  A few little things.  Don't forget you pets this Christmas, put the chocolate and nuts out of reach and please get rid of that ribbon from the wrapping as soon as it comes off the gift.

Also, I saw these today and what a cute idea.  Everyone can get that brown paper from the Dollar store.  You know how little ones are at dinner, cover a small table with brown paper and put out a box of crayons with their dinner.  They will eat as they drawer, I am doing this for out little ones.  I also love the cutlery stocking holders, afforadable and adorable.

I don't know if anyone is getting a White Christmas this year.  It is balmy here today, almost 55F.  But it is snowing in my heart.

Relax while you can Santa, just a few more hours and you will be on your way.  Wherever you are, whatever your traditions are on this Christmas Eve, I hope it is wonderful, joyous and that you take a little time for you.  Oh, one more thing.  If you get an hour to yourself go onto YouTube and watch "GRUMPY OLD WOMEN'S CHRISTMAS"  you will laugh and love it.  Grab a glass of wine while your at it.

In less than 24 hours Santa's suit will be put away for another year but right now I do not see any little helpers so off I go to make the magic happen.


Monday, December 14, 2015


Christmas will be here in just 11 days!  It seems no matter how early I prepare the days just fly by.  I have had the house ready since the second week of November and I have loved every minute of this Joyous Season, even though it feels like Spring outside.

The Christmas Faerie has sprinkled her festive dust on every inch of the farmhouse.  Old blends with new like my Grandmothers Reindeer with my new vintage Christmas house.  HomeSense has a fabulous selection of decorative boxes and I like to just have them on display, I do fill them with extra batteries and voltive candles so they are handy, I go through a lot of these during the holidays.

I get such joy out of opening the Christmas Cupboard every year and taking out the decorations.  Sometimes I forget what I have so it is always a nice surprise.  The one constant is the Mistletoe I bought the year we  married.  It is a little worse for wear but I love it .  Luka even got into the spirit, he surpervised the decorating of the kitchen from his perch on the table.

My Christmas "Bible" has a prominent place in the kitchen.  I love to sit with a hot cup of coffee and a little treat and read through Nigella Lawson's Christmas book, it has such lovely photos, recipes and her family stories.  The little Noel Angels and the Red Christmas Girl were in my Grandmother's kitchen for as long as I can remember.  For  years they sat with us and I was the one who broke the "L" on the Noel when they came to live with me.  Oh well, my granddaughter will continue the tradition one day and that will be her story.

Even the bathroom with it's festive Pink ceiling is bursting with Christmas Cheer.  That ceiling is such a hit everyone just loves it expecially our little sweetheart, she wants her ceiling that colour, we have compromised by telling her we will paint the inside of her new playhouse we are building her that Raspberry Pink .  They do such a nice job with recreating vintage ornaments now, the garland on the mirror is new but looks so old as does the domed Christmas scenes.

The front room and diningroom are a combination of my decorations and my Grandmother's, which I treasure.  I cannot believe all of those glass ornaments survived from the 1940's.  I fill a tray and set a little tree in the middle on top of her old Nova Scotia dresser, her larger ornament hang above the bookcase and her paper mache stars hang in the windows.  They are joined by the little mouse our son made in school, my handmade snowman and my little brush tree in a wooden spool.  My stockings are hung awaiting Santa's return, the jolly little snowman are dancing with anticipation and my Wndow Christmas Card holder is slowily filling up.

The grand finale in the family room is our beautiful tree.  She stands proud with my little Tomte (Norwegian gnome) looking on.  The new windows look lovely with the paper stars as do the other windows with the lighted Swedish stars.

So many warm memories as I look around this room.  My little Santa Head tree is one of the first I bought when our son was little.  I have a lot of small trees around the house, he had one is his bedroom and now his children do too.  I love this little Santa he reminds me of the one on the old animated Christmas show.  Another little tree holds my Grandmother's miniature ornaments.

The sign is hung in the yard so Santa won't miss us and my little elf slippers are waiting in the chair.  During the hustle and bustle of the last weeks before the big day I hope you take the time to enjoy the decorations and also .......