Friday, October 31, 2014


Halloween is here!  It is the night we step out of ourselves and in mask we can be whomever we wish.

 It is a night of Trick or Treating, carving pumpkins, spooky movies.  Black cats and witches (please don't forget if you have a black cat as a pet keep him in tonight, it may not be safe, some people are cruel).

It is truly the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.....for me.

Many of us celebrate Samhain tonight.  It is the eve of our most Sacred blessing.  The veil is thinned and our loved ones reach out from the other side to touch our lives for one precious night.  Alters are set, blessings are said, we are renewed for another year.

So tonight whether you dress for Trick or Treat or bring out the Bell, Book & Candle....Blessed Samhain & Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


It started out lovely today here in Jerseyville but it turned cold and rainy very quickly, so bundle up and let's go outside for the Halloween tour.

As you can see by the garden Autumn has definately left it's mark already here in Ontario.  Lots of pumpkins around.  I love white pumpkins, warty pumpkins and my favourite Cinderella pumpkin.  I guess I like all pumpkins.  I keep some not so real ones on the porch so I just have to plug them in.  My little witch has been with me for a very long time.

My tin witches hat came outside this season, not enough room with the new hats inside. The orange, black cat I made has really held up.  Love the Spooky signs another $1 store find.  That is my motto "If the shoe fits."

It has been very windy today but luckily nothing blew off of the front porch.  My pretty garland and light pumpkins look lovely on a moon lit night.  The witches hats are such a simple and cheap decorating idea.  For a mere $6 the hang and blow in the wind and just look so hauntingly beautiful.

My Ravens sit proudly atop my Witches Broom Inn sign warning off strangers.  I love this sign I could leave it up all year.

Well I don't know about you but I could use some Hot Chocolate (maybe a little Witches Brew too) so Come In & Sit A Spell.  Hope you enjoyed the tour.

Sunday, October 26, 2014


BOO!!! Come on in and SIT A SPELL.  My door is always open, all those who enter do so at their own risk!

Just kidding...or am I.  Let's start with the Front LIvingroom shall we.  My little Pumpkin Girl looks so cute in front of the tin lantern.  Love vintage Halloween but I find it harder to get nice things here.  I am so glad I picked up this black cat when I saw him.  A little black lace over a lamp give a really Eerie light, my dolls get a bit spooked at night.

I made this wreath a few years ago out of lots and lots of tulle.  Picked up the tablecloth at Value Village last Halloween it is actually a huge scarf.  The pretty witches hat lights up and has a nice orange glow at night.  My vintage kitty has been around forever.  I wish that snow globes came with batteries, mine plays "DING DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD" and little bats fly around instead of snow.  This is the original "Wicked Faerie Queen" she is holding at sign that ironically leads to our bathroom.

Now let's venture into the, I mean Kitchen.

I put little Halloween tealights on the shelf between the two kitchens and found cute little Halloween trees too.  Even Teddy is in the "SPIRIT".  This BOO tin reminded me of Tim Burton's films.  The litte tealight Raven was from Yankee Candles, I adore Edgar Allen Poe so I just had to have it.

This is my favourite Halloween display.  This vintage pumpkin is so adorable, and I wish I could find more of the ornaments like my cat and moon.  The HOCUS POCUS book cackles when you open it.  My broom sits in the corner ready to go, until I bring it out on Halloween it just laughs and cackles all over the room (motion activated).   I bought the Black Cat tray this year, love it.  As you can see by the countdown calendar we don't have much time left.

I love tin anything and this tin bat and pumpkin I could leave up all year.  My vintage "Whirlygig" was a great find.

Scaredy cat and Boo Pumpkin are beckoning us into the Livingroom.

I really like my pine cupboard in this room now.  Ophelia looks very comfy on my Grandmother's Windsor Chair with her masked pumpkin.  This crow was only $1 after Halloween so glad my hubby talked me into grabbing him.  The orange candle is from Target this year it has a nice flickering glow.

I painted the sign for my Etsy Shop last Halloween, glad it did not sell now.

The black lights and lit pumpkin make everything come alive at night.  I keep my hat on the lamp when not in use.  Even my red pig is excited about All Hallows Eve.

The Dollar Store Witch and Pumpkins in the window look lovely.  Here is a sneak peek of the outside of the farm witch, I mean which, I will show you tomorrow.

Although the Witch Is Always In at our house you can see by the clock that we are past the Witching Hour so I will park my broom and see you all tomorrow.