Tuesday, October 28, 2014


It started out lovely today here in Jerseyville but it turned cold and rainy very quickly, so bundle up and let's go outside for the Halloween tour.

As you can see by the garden Autumn has definately left it's mark already here in Ontario.  Lots of pumpkins around.  I love white pumpkins, warty pumpkins and my favourite Cinderella pumpkin.  I guess I like all pumpkins.  I keep some not so real ones on the porch so I just have to plug them in.  My little witch has been with me for a very long time.

My tin witches hat came outside this season, not enough room with the new hats inside. The orange, black cat I made has really held up.  Love the Spooky signs another $1 store find.  That is my motto "If the shoe fits."

It has been very windy today but luckily nothing blew off of the front porch.  My pretty garland and light pumpkins look lovely on a moon lit night.  The witches hats are such a simple and cheap decorating idea.  For a mere $6 the hang and blow in the wind and just look so hauntingly beautiful.

My Ravens sit proudly atop my Witches Broom Inn sign warning off strangers.  I love this sign I could leave it up all year.

Well I don't know about you but I could use some Hot Chocolate (maybe a little Witches Brew too) so Come In & Sit A Spell.  Hope you enjoyed the tour.


  1. I love it and the hat banner is just too pretty.

  2. Happy Halloween Sue, love all the decorations. The porch is fantastic, love those black hats.Blessings Francine.