Saturday, February 21, 2015


I live in Canada.  I love being Canadian and living in Canada......but come on!!!  It snowed again over night and it is still snowing!  I know it is only February but we have not had a break all winter.

I am tired of all of this.  We have icicles hanging off of the farmhouse even bigger than these.  The dogs hate the snow, except Daisy our Great Pyrenese she sleeps in it.  Forget driving into the city and parking on a side road, not going to happen.

It is hard on wildlife and farm animals.  We feed the birds all day but I worry about the deer in the woods way back from us I hope everyone survives.

Wherever you go this winter any time of day someone is out shoveling.  But you know what....

So, so true!

I am so desperate to get out in the garden, see some green, smell the earth.  Is this our future?  A snowbound picnic, pretty but not for me.

I know it will end and we will forget how bad it has been but I won't believe it until the first Snowdrop pops up its lovely little head,  hopefully it won't get frozen off!

Saturday, February 14, 2015


Happy Valentine's Day!  This is the very first Valentine's Day that I am actually going on a real Valentine's date!  That' right folks, this girl has never had a real Valentine's Day date.  We have always just stayed home and had a little dinner but this time we have been invited to friends and the 6 of us will be celebrating romance and friendship.

I wish I had those shoes to wear, maybe next year.  Love these nails.

I have made some yummy ganache filled heart cookies to take as a treat.  I wish I had seen these birdies first they are adorable.  Yum, what a cake but on my life change diet even today I wouldn't not indulge in that.

I have decorated the farm for Valentine's Day.  We celebrated last weekend on my husband's birthday, with the kids and grandbabies.  Our little sweetheart loved all of the hearts.

The only thing I regret about Valentine's Day is that February in Canada is brutal.  It is dull and freezing outside so as much as I would love a starlit Valentine's table we will have to settle for candlelight. 

I am thinking of starting a new tradition and moving Valentine's day to June 14th. or maybe May 14th.

Well, whatever the weather is where you are I wish you all a HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!