Monday, November 3, 2014


Meet Houdini and Rocky.  These two adorable little guys have come to stay with us as Fosters until we can find them loving forever homes.  As you know I volunteer with RESCUE DOGS MATCH and periodically foster puppies (up to 9 at a time!)  Last week the Rescue got a call from a lovely woman who had to have surgery and did not feel she could properly care for thes 7 year old little bundles of joy.  I cannot imagine making that decision but it happens more than you may think.

Houdini and Rocky were just suppose to stop for a few days but they are so sweet and loving my husband and I could not see disturbing them again so they will be with us until we find them a really good home together. They are now sleeping with my husband in the spare bedroom on the bed so hopefully a loving couple come along sooner than later.  This happens every time we Foster , hubby get super attached, I do too but we have 3 big babies and 3 cats so I am not crazy.

We have a lot of dogs with the Rescue right now, some in Foster care but many waiting in the kennel.  There is no money left, not a penny!  We have some fundraisers coming up but word of mouth does help too.  So perhaps you could all pass the word on your blogs to help the Rescue.

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  1. These doggies are too cute for words..I would have the same problem, I couldn't give them up either. How blessed you both are for giving them a home. Wonderful post. thank you for sharing.