Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I love blowing bubbles! I have loved it since I first learned to blow bubbles when I was a little girl.

I always have them in the house and whenever the mood takes me I start blowing them. The delight of seeing those rainbow filled orbs floating through the air just makes me smile and makes me very calm and kind of zen.

Although she is too young to actually blow the bubbles my little grandbaby loves to watch us do it and chase them. I cannot wait until she learns how to blow them herself, like me and her daddy they will bring her joy forever.

Everyone loves blowing bubbles.

They are ageless.

Blowing bubbles is a simple, enjoyable activity. It is the cheapest way to occupy a bunch of kids on a sunny afternoon. You can buy bubbles with wands and bubble refills at the dollar store.

When I gave a baby shower for my daughter-in-law I found these adorable bubbles at the dollar store. I handed them out at the party and all of the kids had a ball. I still have them and just refill them and sit and blow bubbles myself with Rufus and Daisy chasing them around the yard.

It seems like they are always coming out with different ways to make bubbles. I am a traditionalist, I do not like the bubble guns or the giant bubble makers. I found these last week in Walmart. Now to look at them you would think they would make a really big bubble. To my surprise you just drag the wand through the air and it makes lots of different sized bubbles. The colours of the containers were so pretty too.

Why not have a Bubble Party. If you have a lot of kids coming over get together a bunch of bubbles and have a ball. You can buy the solution or make your own.

Simple dish soap does the trick or for big bubbles try this recipe.

Bubbles, watermelon and some icy treats and you have yourself an afternoon of giggles and happiness. Kids and adults will be asking you when they can do it again.

So this summer, embrace your inner child. Pick up the wand and watch the world go by through the magic of a beautiful, rainbow filled bubble.

Images from PINTEREST.

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