Monday, June 25, 2012


I have a little bit of everything to post about today.

First, how about some delicious Scandinavian food.

To celebrate the Summer Soltice we had a lovely lunch of Egg Sandwiches on good brown bread with Mayonnaise and Dill. This is a lovely light traditional Scandinavian lunch.

Today for breakfast I made Smoked Salmon on good traditional Swedish Crackers with Cream Cheese and Dill. I like plain Cream Cheese but I also love Herbed or Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese with this too. Try it you will love it.

Not sure if I have mentioned my love of chickens. I have big ones and littles one and a few flocks everywhere. These two groups are in my studio. I don't know what it is but I just find them comforting and a little comical.

Daisy has a new fascination or should I say obsession with the squirrels. Much to their chagrin, she spends most of her day under the trees that lead to the bird feeders where the squirrels hang out. She is a determined girl and tries her darndest to climb the trees to catch one.

With the rest of her day, sweet Daisy is usually playing with Rufus. They never stop it is like having a couple of kids. They have managed to break three flower pots with their running around. He is like a clumsy bear and she is like a baby giraffe.

I have some great news about Buddha Kitty. I am adding some really lovely new pieces to my Etsy Shop
WICKED FAERIE QUEEN for Buddha Kitty. She is very popular and I just love her.

Well, Iam off to work on my Buddha Kitty project in the studio today. Pop over to LUCY'S GARDEN for an update on my Heirloom Garden. It is looking beautiful. We had the lettuce last night with dinner.

Happy Day to All.


  1. The egg lunch sounds tasty!

    I know what you mean about the dogs when they play; same thing happens with Willow and Kero... Something almost always gets knocked over or broken!

  2. Oh I love the egg lunch too. Always looking for new ways to get my protein. I have had 12 purple grape tomatoes but I eat them too fast to even take a photo.

  3. Seeing your two dogs played brought a smile to my face. I miss the days when Riley was spry enough to play with Scout. Seems like that was a long time ago.

    Anyway, thank you for those photos!


  4. Everything in this post sings directly into my soul. The food, the Scandinavian flair, chickens, fur babies. Life doesn't get much better!