Friday, June 29, 2012


I have been off blogging for a couple of days while I decorated my blog. I don't know if I do it wrong but everytime I do a new background my whole blog gets scrambled and I have to rearrange everything! I still had some trouble with this layout from CUTE N COOL BLOG STUFF. It is the 3 column and I still cannot figure out how to do it with the proper layout. If you have not visited CUTE N COOL BLOG STUFF she has some really amazing things for blog decorating.

As you can see I am feeling very Bohemian. I love Gypsy and Bohemian looks, clothing and jewelry. It is funny when we did it in the 70's it was not called Bohemian or Gypsy, we were just hippies doing our thing.

I love layering jewelry and big jewelry that is probably why I am so attracted to the Bohemian look.

Oh these are so gorgeous! I love the second ones from GYPSYVILLE.

I like the elaborate and the simple beaded bracelets too. You can buy them everywhere now at every price. The second one is from THE OLD SCHOLAR and at just $26.00 it is a real bargain.

I found some fabulous Bohemian bracelets on Etsy. The second one is from ANGEL OF 2 and is just $25.00. The last one is from GYPSY INTENT I love this one but alas it was sold.

No matter how you wear them, layered, in a single strand or on your ankles, Bohemian and Gypsy bracelets are a sumptuous, fantastic way to add a great look this summer or anytime.

Images from PINTEREST.


  1. Great bracelets! In love with the 3rd last picture:)

  2. Love your new look. I am a gypsy at heart too I guess. Beautiful braclets. I watch the show Junk gyspies on tv whenever I get a chance.

  3. I love those kinds of bracelets, but I daren't wear them; bracelets don't survive long in my presence. :(

  4. oh wow, all of them are gorgeous...I don't know how I would pick just I pick all of them! Thanks so much for the morning inspiration and drool worth pics....xo

  5. Wow!! Those are some extraordinary bracelets! I particularly love the second one, and the second to last one. So gorgeous! Thank you for sharing. :)

    - Sasha