Friday, January 17, 2014


I adore quilts.  I have several lovely old ones from my grandmother and although I have used them I am almost afraid to keep them out because of the cats and fading from the sun.  I know it is silly, maybe I will have to get them out in the Spring.

I am drawn to red and white quilts.  I love the one with the crosses.  There is something very cheery and country about a red and white quilt.  Even the new ones look very homey.

I love the delicate stitching in the old quilts.  So tiny and so many.  And the colours!  You can see the love that has gone into them.  I can imagine a group of women getting together to make one for a Wedding or baby.  Have you seen the film " How To Make An American Quilt" with Winona Ryder?  It is really a lovely film about life and quilting.

I like to go to Quilt Shows and see them in Antique Markets.  Each one is unique.  Even though you may see the same pattern it is never the same because the fabrics are all different.  I love this Crazy Quilt and the Heart Quilt is really different.   I think I would like to try something like that.

So sweet and delicate yet strong.  Quilts withstand time if properly cared for.  If they do get damaged or if you find one that seems beyond repair you can always salvage it and make a nice throw pillow.

I have never tried Quilting but if I did I would like to do it the old fashioned way.  A group of friends getting together, sewing, gabbing, and creating something that will be around for a very long time.

I may try one for my sweet little darling.  I can just picture her curled up in a quilt made by her Bella and one day snuggling under it with her little darlings.

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  1. Ohhhhh, one of my favorite things, quilts, love them so. You are very lucky to have some from your Grandmother. Mine are all bought, many great memories of where I bought them,cherish them so.Great post, dear to my heart, Hugs Francine.`

  2. Awww...Sweetie, don't let me burst your bubble. This is experience. I collected old handmade quilts and I used them on beds and everywhere where we could grab them and cuddle. Wrong!! They are fragile and irreplaceable. I asked my SIL, a great seamstress if she could repair some of them and she couldn't, not to how they were originally sewn.

    The best thing to do is get a quilt rack, even a ladder, and they are so popular now, and display them where everyone can see and enjoy. Keep inexpensive throws and manufactured quilts (they do soften and fade with time) available for everyday use. My, I wish I could have those old quilts back.


  3. I have one quilt my brother's girlfriend made and it's displayed over the red leather chair that used to be in my dad's office. It looks really nice there and adds so much colour to our living room.

    I don't blame you not wanting to display them out...I suppose if I had antique ones, I too would be cautious. Around here, our desert weather can be harsh, so between the sunlight and dry weather, it's damaging to so many things.

    Have a great weekend.


  4. I, too, love quilts. I've always wanted to learn but since I don't even know how to sew, it seems too overwhelming. But it is on my list to attempt one day!

  5. Is it too late to enter? I hope not! I am not lucky enough to have had a Grand Mother or Mom who sewed but, I admire all I see.
    Thank you for sharing..Love this post!

  6. I adore quilts too, the patterns, the colours, the love and care that goes into the creation of each one. I have one from my Grandmother and like you, rarely put it out as it is so precious to me but really, quilts are for living and loving so I should get it out and enjoy it. I use a lot of 'cutter' quilts in my projects, old quilts that are well loved and well used and falling apart and I marvel at all the tiny stitches and the myriad of fabrics used in them and wonder about the women who worked so hard to make them. I'm happy to be able to save at least a small piece of their wonderful creations to pass along to others. Deb

  7. I love quilts too! I have made quilt tops but I have never hand quilted anything. Maybe someday ;0)

  8. Oh my goodness! These quilts are so gorgeous. Dan and I have several that his grandmother made, including one she made for him when he was born. Like you, I keep them put up because they are so fragile. One day I need to find someone who can mend them.

    I too, could see your little princess wrapped beneath a quilt made by her beautiful Bella. ;-)

    Hugs sweetie, Mina