Sunday, April 21, 2013


I have been really busy preparing for the SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES Fundraiser for RESCUE DOGS MATCH.  It is not until June 8th. but I have so many little things to get done.  A lot of lovely kind people are sending goodies for the baskets. 

I have been making bracelets for my Etsy Shop WICKED FAERIE QUEEN and I am making some to give away at the fundraiser too. 

These are my Buddha Bracelets inspired by my Buddha Kitties.

My Flower Child Peace/Wish Upon A Star Set.

   The Summer of 69 Peace Bracelets.

 My Blessing Bell Bracelets.

And last my Alice in Wonderland/Cheshire Cat Bracelets.  These are my personal favourites.  The little cat is a bell.

I am making some with little dog charms and flying pigs for the Fundraiser, what do you think?


  1. Absolutely charming. I love them all!
    Thanks for stopping by. We adore our new puppy,wish they didn't grow so fast !

  2. Morning Sue, I think they are all the bell kitty bracelet.....the red is so pretty......Blessings Francine.

  3. I love these, they are so much fun to wear. I hope you do well at your fundraiser.

  4. Soooo nice!!!I wouldnt hide any of these away in the back of my jewelry box...I would wear them out!Bet they will sell great.

  5. SUE DEAR!

    Hello there, what a SPARKLING and magical post. This is what the world needs: JOY AND WHIMSY. Oh how kind of you to come by for a birthday wish. Many hugs to you and enjoy your day! I AM! Anita

  6. Oh all the lovelies !! I know someone that will be shopping soon Yes I love the Wonderland/Cheshire bracelets. Of course I have had a Cheshire Cat statue in my garden for ions :)))))) I actually adore ALL these bracelets. Clapping Wildly

  7. Oh my goodness, I LOVE your bracelets and I think little dogs and flying pigs are a fabulous ides. How adorable. Before I forget again, is there anything in particular you can think of for the fund raiser baskets that I may help with? Hugs to you sweetie. Mina