Thursday, April 25, 2013


I was going to post today about the work we have been doing in the garden but instead I will tell you about my Spring Purge.

I clean out cupboards and closets all the time but for some reason the Spring Clean seems to be more cleansing.  This Spring I am getting rid of even more for a good cause.

Brenda and I are throwing a huge yard sale for RESCUE DOGS MATCH on May 4th.  In this area with the cool weather it will be one of the first Yard Sales of the season.

I have been cleaning out things for weeks and today I have to finish and get sorting.  I picked up literally a car load from Natasha yesterday.  Lots of baby things and household things.  How do we manage to get so much stuff!  I think we will have everything but the kitchen sink unless Brenda brings one.

I hope it is a great success, not just to raise money but I don't want to drag this stuff anywhere else.  There is going to be a BBQ too.  Now I just have to get organized.  If you live near Cambridge look up the sale on Kijiji and drop by, I would love to meet some of my bloggers, you will know me I will be the tired looking one behind the table full of baby clothes!


  1. Hi Sue, sure hope all will go well with the yard sale, wish I could make it....Blessings Francine.

  2. Oh my, I wish I lived closer to com browse your purging efforts! I know it would be amazing stuff and the cause is near and dear to my heart. Good luck

  3. I hope you sell it all, make lots of money and drop the stuff! :)

    Have a productive weekend friend!

    Carmen and the Primcats