Saturday, April 27, 2013

HERE CHICK, CHICK, CHICK..................

I love Chickens!  Growing up on my Grandparents farm we had laying hens.  I have been thinking of building a Chicken Coop and getting some chickens lately.

Every Spring my Grandfather would get some new chicks.  They were so sweet and soft I just could not wait for the day we went and picked them up.  He only kept 8 to 10 hens because we only need that many for the eggs.

I always found the chickens so calming.  We let them roam free on the farm but they always came back to the coop.  They would follow us around the yard sometimes and it was just so comforting to have them there.  My grandmother was funny, she would not eat their eggs my grandfather asked her where she thought the grocery store eggs came from, but she still would not eat their eggs.

Our chickens had the typical Chicken Coop.  Quite large, it was part of the original farm.  Probably designed for 40 chickens with laying beds up on the wall and lots of space to walk around in colder weather.

I have been looking at some coops and boy have they come a long way.  These "designer" coops are gorgeous.

They are more like little cottages, what chicken would not like one of these.  It makes me want to get chickens just to build a fabulous coop.

I like the pretty on with the rose bushes and the moveable one, what a great idea.

I really do like the idea of getting some chickens one day.  I  have the farmers market around the corner where I get my delicious eggs so they would be more just for me to enjoy.  Being a vegetarian they would be just for eggs.  And with the big dogs I would have to worry about the chickens being their entertainment everyday, they may not lay!

Oh, well, I could always build a cute little coop as a garden shed and use some old laying beds for shelves.   We'll see.


  1. I LOVE the one with the little steps!

  2. Afternoon Sue, love the post, great pictures and wow!!! the coops have come a long way......We spent our summers at my Auntie's farm and we would pick a chicken for a pet, loved being there.....I also would love to own a little clutch one day of chickens....would make me happy, Blessings Francine.

  3. Love the post ~ wonderful pics!!!
    I really like the idea of the laying shelf!
    Hope you have a wonderful day!
    Prim Blessings