Monday, December 19, 2011


Yesterday I picked up the very last of the presents. Today I bake! I give all of my family a healthy supply of Christmas goodies. They don't usually make it through the holidays but that's okay, it's Christmas the time to indulge a little. When I had my Christmas Baking business a few years ago, my husband had dropped off the days deliveries and that night I got a call from one of my customers. Her husband had accepted the package because she was not home. When she came back he had eaten most of the desserts that were for Christmas dinner. Lesson learned, if you want to save your Christmas cookies for Christmas, hide them.

Even though this year is a sad without our Duffy, the Christmas spirit has been slowly creeping back into our house.

Luca has been looking for his Christmas presents.

Even though the weather has not cooperated with snow we will have a white Christmas at our house thanks to my snowflake projector. I can watch these beautiful snowflakes from our livingroom every night. Sorry the picture is not very clear, it was hard to get a good shot at night without a flash.

Soon Santa will stuff the stockings.

I wonder if Santa ever take the reindeer out for a dry run. Late at night I swear I hear sleighbells.

The snowmen are looking even happier knowing the special night is near.

This is Beau Bear. I got him a few years before we had our son. He slept with him every Christmas Eve. Now he is the head of the bears who sit under the Christmas tree waiting for Santa. Our son wanted to take him to his house this year but he refused to leave his post.

With just over 5 days until Santa spreads his joy and magic, the presents are wrapped (mostly) , the stockings are hung on the staircase with care, the trees are all trimmed, cue the snow, I am ready for Christmas!


  1. So beautiful. The projector is too cool. And those stockings with the curled toes, precious. I know it's unbelievably sad without Duffy, but I think his spirit gave you back the spirit of Christmas.

    Merry Christmas,

  2. I'm envious, I am so not ready!

  3. Your lovely home looks so cozy and filled with Christmas cheer. Had to laugh at the part about the Christmas cookies, it just goes to prove that a good cookie is hard to resist. :)

  4. Your images are so lovely and Luca is adorable. We are not going to have snow this year at Christmas. Maybe I should get a projector. ;-)