Thursday, January 19, 2012


It is a really, horrible stormy, snowy day today so I thought what a great day to catch up on some shop therapy browsing online. I came across this fabulous designer from England on Etsy JAYNI LOVECHILD. Jayni creates these eye popping Gothic outfits. If you are a fan of PRACTICAL MAGIC like I am you will get lost in the beauty of her creations.

I find the bustle so attractive. Even if you have a built in bustle of your own you silouette would look so lovely in a cinched waist and padded bottom.

Jayni's incredible dresses and jackets would look so romantic for a wedding.

Her designs range from erotic, steampunk goth..... soft & romantic.

Her designs are so beautifully constructed and I find her prices very reasonable. Stop by and take in the artistic loveliness of JAYNI LOVECHILD'S designs.


  1. The really good thing about these is that string at the waist - if you pull it tight enough you won't even notice how much your feet hurt... Pretty amazing outfits, not something I could wear to the market but I have a feeling if I felt like wearing one of these I wouldn't be in the mood to go to the market. Love the last one, all pink and sheer.

  2. These are gorgeous designs. I think the bustles make them so attractive. They are Victorian/Goth/Romantic. Thanks for sending us on to this designer.

  3. What superb eye candy! I love these designs. I have never outgrown playing dress up. ;-)

  4. Crazy love these. I am into steam punk these days (even made cookies, he, he, he!