Monday, January 2, 2012


It is the time of year when I stand back and look at my home and think it is time for a change. All of the Christmas shine and sparkle is gone and before I put back everything I always feel some rooms need a little something. First, let me say, that when I decorate for Christmas I remove everything from any space where I put a christmas decoration. That means my kitchen is almost stripped. All dishes, tea towels, pictures, cannisters are replaced with Christmas things. Last night I put all of the Christmas kitchen away and was left with a large blank canvas. I am going to do some retooling. My kitchen is white but I have had it different shades of white. I do not know if I will repaint the whole kitchen, I may just replace some knobs or paint the doors. Hmmmmm, we'll see.

I love white, so bright and fresh. I do not think I would go as far as a white floor, too closed in looking.

I like the look of a washed pine floor against the white kitchen.

Very nice counter surface. The nice thing about white is you can combine old and new like this nice, worn rug.

I do love a little colour added in accents. Red is always a good choice.

I love the openess of a white kitchen. Even a smaller space looks bright and airy in white.

I do like some industrial items in a white kitchen. Some old stools from an office or some hanging lamps always look good.

This Swedish kitchen is so gorgeous. Something about that little bit of green and the burlap looks amazing.

White is also a great backdrop for the rustic country look. I love that table.

The Scandinavians have the right idea. I live in Canada where the weather is not always so sunny. Like Norway we have a lot of dark days. When your kitchen is white everythings seems brighter no matter what the weather is.

I will show you soon what I have done. I love a fresh start. You don't always have to make major changes but it is nice give your rooms a little lift now and then.


  1. You have a LOT of inspiration from those photos that's for sure. Red or blue is pretty here and there in a white room, and natural wood like the floor or a butcher block looks great. Wood stained knobs on white cubbies are nice, too.

  2. Oh Sue, what gorgeous images! Of course I love all of them, but I think I am most fond of the touches of green and burlap against the white. I cannot wait to see the outcome of your little changes. Hugs to you.

  3. This looks like warm, sweet--and very chic--winter. Absolutely adorable!

  4. Sue, I am excited to see what you will do! I love dreaming of my perfect kitchen! Loved the photo's you shared...I'm sure one of those would do...he he! and I totally agree about the white....brilliant! Hugs! :)