Thursday, March 15, 2012


It was such an amazingly warm day today that we took the opportunity to get out a lot of the outdoor furniture. I may be jumping the gun a bit but I figure it is the second week of March and at worst even if we did get a sudden snow storm it would not last.

It was so nice to sit at my patio table with a cup of coffee looking over some nice outdoor living books. I am going to do a lot of work on the property this spring. Without Duffy & Penny I want to keep busy.

I painted this poppy picture when I had my livingroom in reds. It no longer goes but I think it looks great out here and being made of pine with lots of coats of varnish I am sure it can take the weather.

My house seemed to be smiling with the sun beating down on it today. The snowblower seems out of place but my husband wanted to be ready "just in case." I am hoping it goes away this weekend.

The gardens and the property look pretty bleak but the sun makes it all look better. This is a record for Ontario. I do not think we have ever had such an early spring, if indeed it is really here. I don't care, whatever it is I am just going to enjoy it while it is here and if this is spring........WHOOPEE!!!!!!!!!!

For pictures of my garden check out my blog LUCYS GARDEN.


  1. I love the painting. Your very talented in many ways. Your home is just beautiful. I'm glad your doing somewhat better. Hugs to you my friend.

  2. Such a lovely blog!~ I'm a new follower ~ ♥♥

  3. I love that painting and it looks fabulous just where it is. Oh, how I miss sitting outside ... here we have the opposite problem, way too hot to sit outside, most of the year lately. Love and enjoy your posts and pictures so much.

    Love and Happiness to all.

    PS I can't stand the word verification .. I never get it right and have to type it in so many times....I wish they would make the letters clearer.

  4. Your painting looks great. I definitely think spring has sprung, beautiful weather!!!!