Thursday, October 24, 2013


Over the past couple of years, pumpkin carving has become quite elaborate.  Things go in trends and now it seems that the simple Jack O' Lantern has lost it's way and the fancy, artistic, over the top pumpkins have become vogue.

Give me the traditonal grinning or scary faced Jack O' Lantern any day.  I love that spooky face as it glows in the night on the front porch or steps.

Living on a farm in the middle of the country we have always gotten lots of pumpkins at Halloween.  We  have carved at leat 6 to 8 and one Halloween we carved 13.  They all vary on the same traditional face, some grinning, some grimacing and the ocassional "BOO" but they are always the old fashioned Jacks.

The new ones are pieces of art but the old time Jack O' Lantern will always smile at my house on Halloween.

 Don't forget to send me your links by no later than tomorrow morning so that I can get them on my post for tomorrow night.  Look forward to visiting everyones Halloween Houses.

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  1. It's the great pumpkin!!!!!! Love the post Sue but I do love pumpkins.....I still carve one out every year and stick it in the front window and just the old fashion face, that's just me, Blessings Francine......I love that little jack-o-lantern on the green chair, oh my.....

  2. Working on putting the post together now.
    I love traditional grinning pumpkins but have also seen some very clever NEW takes on their decoration.

    Sunday there is a pumpkin link up

  3. I am with you. I like the traditional, scary, faces.

  4. I love traditional pumpkins too
    We've used a template a few times, but theres something special about just digging in

  5. My post for the weekend can be found here

  6. Love your grinning pumpkins. As a child we use to carve we didn't really see pumpkins much in the UK and we use to carve out faces in turnips, that was tough. Pumpkins are much easier and can see why they've taken over from turnips, beside they are such a cheerful colour. I've just put my post up, afraid it's more wishful thinking than decorating as not got mine up yet, apart from a tree, minus decorations. My post is here on my 'An English Witchery' blog.

  7. Here is my party post link again. I thought I might post it here also as I may have posted it in the wrong place this morning.