Saturday, January 28, 2017


A nook, that cozy little place you go to and read a book, relax, meditate, eat or just do nothing.
A nook for reading is the perfect space.  You can cuddle up, surrounded by your books and just enjoy some me time.

I love a sleeping nook.  When our son moved into his own place I turned his room into a Scandinavian style bedroom complete with an enclosed bed...very cozy indeed.

I adore a breakfast nook.  One of the homes I lived in as a child had an amazing built in breakfast nook, it was really large and I always felt very special eating there.  I have a semi breakfast nook now.  A bench on one side against the wall and chairs on the other.

A nook does not have to be inside, get creative and make your own little nook in your garden.
Even your dog would love their own little nook.  Find a space, inside or out, and make your own little nook.

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