Friday, June 24, 2011


I was sitting on my lovely side porch this morning, the one with the skylight ( I highly recommend a skylighted porch), drinking my coffee and catching up on my British Country Living Magazine when a downpour hit. The air was warm and a little breezy, I had a cup of coffee and my dog Duffy at my feet. I looked up at the sky through the skylight and watched the rain pour down.

I sat there in the rain feeling very peaceful and connected to the earth. How wonderful to watch the rain feed my garden and wash the porch clean.

It did not last long but it left the greenest green and the freshest smell.

Afterwards I just sat there taking in the rest of the beautiful morning, just me, Duffy, and this little guy who came in out of the rain.


  1. Got me all relaxed looking at the pics and reading your post...have a great weekend.

  2. There is something very calming about watching a summer shower. Afterwards all the dust has been washed away and everything looks so fresh and clean.
    I enjoyed the lovely photos of your lush and pretty garden.