Saturday, October 20, 2012


It was a nice day today athough a bit overcast, but the perfect day to go to my favourite local farmers market and take some pictures of their lovely pumpkins.

Josmar Farms is my local Farmers Market which is almost right around the corner. I pass it when I go to the post office in the next town. I buy their fresh eggs every week and their seasonal produce.

They specialize in the most scrumptious apples and delicious apple cider as well as lots of other fruit and vegetables and of course plump, juicy strawberries when they are in season.  They also have the most beautiful hanging baskets in the summer that they make themselves and lots of bedding plants.

This is such a cute little market. The building is rustic with a wrap around porch. There are always interesting things to look at.

Today I saw this cute iron bike, a sweet little iron frog, a child's bench I loved and how adorable is this tractor!

And now for the pumpkins! There were lots here last week but they are going fast. Luscious, plump beauties are everywhere. There are big ones and little ones, something for everybody.

My favourites are the Warty Pumpkins. I also really like the White Moon Pumpkins.

They have little pie pumpkins and adorable tiny, tiny pumpkins.

There are a variety of squash, gourds and lots of little things to buy like these lovely ornament acorns. Josmar Farms also has lots for the birds, and a great selections of Christmas ornaments.

If you are ever going through Lynden, Ontario stop by Josmar Farms for a visit.

When I got home Daisy was lying in my flower bed where she knew was out of bounds.

When I told her to get out of the garden she stuck her tongue out at me. Yes, I would say she is truly part of the family now.

Before I go today just a reminder about RESCUE DOGS MATCH. The Foster Pups need lots of food so any little bit you can donate would be great. Remember, as little as $2.00 from a bunch of people will add up. Just go to the link and then to the Rescue Dogs Match link to donate through PayPal.

Just a few more days left with the WINTER WONDERLAND GIVEAWAY so don't forget to sign up.

 Hope you all have a lovely weekend,



  1. The market looks lovely! I'd love to visit somewhere like that! Such a cute style!
    Naughty little Daisy! haha

  2. What a nice trip.Brimming with pretty fall colors.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  3. Thank you for the virtual tour of your wonderful neighbourhood market, I envious ;O)
    Your furbaby is a sweetheart, even if she did stick out her tongue.

  4. What a Beautiful market Sue, wow we don't have any around us and the grocery store pumpkins are over priced this year.
    LOL on the dog in the garden, she loves her new home


  5. What Beautiful photos of the market. And I think those pumpkin prices were very reasonable. Daisy is Adorable! Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Good Evening Sue...what a wonderful kind of many great pumpkins to chose from...I also love the white Moon one...What a girl Daisy cute...Hope she gets food for the dog...I don`t have paypal or I would send....Prayers for her...Blessings Francine.

  7. What a fun, fun, place! I know I'd come home with a truck full. LOVE the warty ones...and the white ones. Ok...truth be told, haven't met a pumpkin I haven't loved....Unfortunately, pumpkins didn't fare well here this year with the drought....mostly just plain ol' orange ones...but I'm still lovin' them. (And our neighbor has a big ol' patch....YIPPEE!) Smiles & Pumpkin Hugs ~ Robin

  8. I just found your blog. I am a new follower.

  9. Hi
    This farmers market is incredible! I love going to the nearby market and buying locally. The abundance of goods never ceases to amaze me. It's pumpkin season and I love it.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and writing nice comments. Isn't Anita amazing!
    Enjoy the bounty of the season!

  10. I've now written it on my "to do" list...visit the Josmar Farm market in Lynden:-) I've been in Hamilton so many times so next time I'm in that area I'll go check it out.

    I so loved looking at all your pictures and like you, my favourite pumpkins are the warty ones:-) When I was in Barrie for my birthday weekend, we went to Rounds Ranch and one of the pumpkins I picked up there is all warty, perfect for carving a spooky pumpkin:-) I couldn't find any of the white pumpkins, I bought a plastic one! lol

    I giggled when I saw the pictures of Daisy...she's letting you know that she's not amused she was left behind while you went to the market! hehe xox

  11. What a charming Farmer's Market and your images are so gorgeous! I love all the magical autumn flair.

    Look at Daisy! Too precious and her sticking her tongue out. Looks like my family. lol