Friday, October 19, 2012


Halloween will be here so soon, I cannot believe where the time has gone. Today let's have a look at haunting up your home for Halloween.

We will start with the entranceway. How spookily decadent is this? Heavy velvet curtains beckoning ghosts and witches into your home on All Hallows Eve.

A couple of bats is always a nice touch. I love these big ones hanging on the porch and I do like lots of pumpkins.

Oh how pretty and scary this porch is. The crow, the banner and garland and such a lovely array of pumpkins. A ghost a great way to haunt your porch.

Silhouettes have become so popular the past few years. This house looks very scary and haunted, gorgeous!

You don't have to do all of your windows how about a witch on your door.

Or even just do some pumpkins. I adore the look of these bats. Very easy just white acrylic paint and as many bats as you want. A great alternative for the kids instead of carving a jack-o-lantern.

Inside, lanterns are a nice touch to a Halloween display. All of this great stuff is from Pottery Barn.

Halloween decor does not have to be elaborate. This is cheescloth pulled apart on a couch and paper bats. So easy but very effective.

Oh, I just love this. Spooky white pumpkins on a haunted carnival cart.

Of course if you have little ones you may not want to make your home too frightening so how about this adorable Halloween Candy Tree. You can problably find little candy containers at you local Dollar Store.

Last today, I think this display is just fabulous. I always have old chairs without seat I can't part with and I am definately doing this.

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 Tomorrow I will be showing my visit with the pumpkins at our local Farmers Market.


  1. Great photos!! I love the bats on the white pumpkins!!

  2. Hello little wicked lady all those pictures....but the one you like to with all the pumpkins in the old cart is wonderful.....Spooky Greetings Francine.

  3. I LOVE HALLOWEEN! It's my favorite holiday! I've always asked my friends to go to Salem with me and they look at me like I'm crazy!! Love your post as always!

  4. I LOVE HALLOWEEN! It's my favorite holiday! I've always asked my friends to go to Salem with me and they look at me like I'm crazy!! Love your post as always!

  5. I love seeing how others decorate for this holiday. So cute. Love the witch on the door.

  6. Oh ~ how spooktacular fun!!!
    So many wonderful and haunting ideas!
    Prim Blessings

  7. A wonderful menagerie of wicked good I've come to expect here! ;o)'re tempting me to throw down the school books and go Halloween crazy here at the 11th hour....I knew I couldn't go stark Halloween-less, so I have some of my favorites up - but these photos just scream I haven't done enough!! Love the inspirations! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  8. Oooh, can you imagine being able to decorate your house with all those fabulous Halloween decorations? I'd love it!! As you say, decorating for Halloween doesn't have to cost a fortune...the dollar store is my best friend! lol Today I was gone there to buy some cheesecloth, white garbage bags and styrofoam working on a Halloween project which I will blog about when I'm done:-)

    I'm really loving the polka dot pumpkins...hmmmm, so many ideas!! lol xox