Thursday, October 18, 2012


Hello everyone. I am taking a break today from my HALLOWEEN SPOOKTAKULAR posts to ask for your help.

As you all know my beautiful Rufus and Daisy came to me thanks to the wonderful Brenda at RESCUE DOGS MATCH. I did a fundraiser for Brenda, the Gypsy Tea & Tarot Party and we raised $815.00. I am helping the Rescue now by being a Liason to get donations for pet food for the Foster Dogs. As I have said before RESCUE DOGS MATCH works on a Foster Family basis, well right now Brenda has a lot of Foster Dogs who need to be fed. She has been working 3 jobs and paying for the food herself. I suggested she put a PAYPAL button on her website for donations for food. That is up and running as of today.

I would like you to meet Princess. She is a beautiful girl who was abandoned and is now in a warm, loving Foster home thanks to Brenda.

Although it is call RESCUE DOGS MATCH, Brenda does not turn any animals away and Curry is one of the sweet cats now in Foster Care.

 These are just a couple of the many furry darlings who need food.

 I am reaching out to my blogging friends to repost this on your blogs or mention it so I can help Brenda get enough money to buy some food. A pet food company does give her a discount but it is still costly.

 All I am asking is if people would find it in their hearts to donate between $2.00 and $5.00 via the PAYPAL button at RESCUE DOGS MATCH Website. This is about the cost of a cup of coffee.

 Thanks so much for you time,



  1. Count me in! All of our pets are rescue animals. Always happy to help someone who is part of the crusade to find homes for animals.


  2. Hi Sue...yes...always will take in a throwaway for sure....bless the people who help those unloved animals...I don't have PayPal or I would have...Blessings Francine.

  3. Congrats on raising so much money!
    I hope those babies find forever homes

  4. These fur babies are gorgeous. I just left my donation. Brightest blessings and love for this beautiful organization and people like yourself who help in funding. Hugs sweetie.

  5. Found my way over there and made a small donation...I support some local efforts in our area, but animals in need know no geographic boundaries. Hope she gets a terrific response! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  6. I've just sent a donation to them through Paypal. Bless your heart for helping Brenda raise money for some food for those dear pets. I wish I could adopt every one of them!!! xox