Tuesday, October 16, 2012


As promised here are some pictures of the outside of my Halloween House. The Spooky signs are another Dollar Store find. Our Dollar Stores have gotten some really great Halloween stuff this year.

In the front of the house I hung some nice black garland with pumpkin lights. I have two sets of electic pumpkins on the porch. They look so real when they are lit you cannot tell the difference.

We made these last Halloween, so welcome and......

The black cat is made from a wire plant hanger. I covered it with cotton and painted it orange and then painted on the black cat. Here is one of my Cinderella pumpkins. If you were with me last year you will recall my pumpkin post and how much I loved these. I found some this year at of all places, the grocery store.

Here are my warty pumpkins, so cute. I have one smooth one for a jack-o-lantern and my big moon pumpkins and another lovely Cinderella pumpkin. As you can see I do like my pumpkins. That is the nice thing about living in farm country there a lot of them around. I will be doing a post this weekend on Josmar Farms our local farmers market where I got these beauties.

I just love to look at my Haunted Inn sign. We put a spotlight on it and at night it glows eerily in the yard with the shadow of the Ravens keeping watch in the yard. You can see the top of it from the road the Ravens look so real Daisy and Rufus started to climb the tree and bark at them when we put them up the other day.

Speaking of the furry babies, when we cleaned the garden beds Daisy thought it would make a perfect day bed for her, Rufus prefers the sun.

I hope you enjoyed the visit, I forgot to put this book in my post yesterday and it is so cute I just had to show you. It is from Hallmark and it is quite large. When you open it up a witch tells you to make a choice but choose carefully and then she cackles and tells you if you made the right choice. It is to put candy in and let the little trick or treaters choose a piece. I will be back tomorrow with some more decorating tricks and treats.


  1. Good Evening Sue, looking spooky good!!!! Love your Haunted Inn sign with the Ravens to, must look really great with the light shining on it...the warty pumpkins are so neat....everything is haunting great.... Blessings Francine.

  2. Sue your Hallows decor is sublime!
    *The feeling, aura and essence is ancient and haunting and timeless.. Especially the ravens gazing intently from atop your sign. Perfect!

    I've yet to unpack, unfurl and install most of my decorations - only a few in place thus far (I'd best get busy! lol)

    Thanks for sharing, as always :-)

    *(I'd have led off with saying it's spook-tacular but I'm trying to limit my "groan worthy" descriptors, lol)

  3. I love how you have decorated, everything looks so great. Love the hocus pocus book. I have that movie and watch it all the time, so does the rest of the family.

  4. You never cease to amaze me with your glorious Halloween-ness!! I adore that sign!! (Of course I would!!) I so need some outdoor "ravens!" - But I am equally enthralled with the wonderful wire planter cat thingy you did!! Oh...but you were closer - I would taunt and tempt you with chocolate or some such treat to make me one. I LOVE it! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  5. PS....I have the "first" version of that Hallmark candy box and LOVE it....I bought it as a kind of "cheesy" joke, but it has become one of our hallowed Halloween traditions....(Ours, though, doesn't say "Hocus Pocus"....might have to add to our collection since that was my son's all time favorite movie....He started watching it when he was about 5, and I ended up investing in multiple copies of it since he watched it so much he wore out the tapes....Hmmmm...perhaps they have it on dvd now?) ;o) Robin

  6. You home is magical!!
    I love the pic of Daisy and Rufus, they are so lucky to find a home with you