Monday, October 15, 2012


Well, I have finally finished adding all the spooky touches to my home for Halloween.
Let's start with a few of my newest accusitions.  I loved this Boo tin.  I am a huge Tim Burton fan, just finished watching Dark Shadows, very well done, and this tin reminded me so much of Tim's early movies.
I could not resist this darling little black kitty picture.  You know how I feel about black cats.
I have a lot of Halloween goodies.  I adore vintage and these pieces I put here every Halloween because I just love them.  The broom I picked up last year and it swirls around the floor while it cackles and say "Happy Halloween".  The dogs don't know what to do with it.
I also really love anything tin.  This adorable bat on a pumpkin says "Peek a Boo" when you pull down the tongue.
My great dollar store find, these potion bottles just $1.25 each!  I have had this black cat for so long I don't remember where I got it.
I love this.  I have one for sale in my Etsy shop WICKED FAERIE QUEEN too.
Another new thing this year.  The witches hat lights up with orange lights inside.  I always wanted a Halloween tablecloth but the ones I like are very pricey.  I found this great scarf in a thrift store for $7.00.
I made this wreath last year.  So simple just strips of tulle tied on an embroidery ring.
Sweet Brends from Rescue Dogs Match gave me these after the Gypsy Tea & Tarot Party.  She knows me so well.
I have not seen very many Halloween dishes here but I do pick them up when I find them.  I have a lot of cups but actual dishes are scarce.
Now into the livingroom.
This cute hanger is from HomeSense.  I just loved the vintage pictures and the other side says SPOOK.  It hangs perfectly on the screened door we put up to keep the furry darlings out of the front room, they do have the rest of the house after all.
Everyone got a mask this year including my red pig.
And my pumpkin is of course a black cat.  That is Ophelia beside him.  I adore her.  I got her on Etsy.
This mardi gra mask and the other two were from the Dollar store as well.  All under $2 can  you believe it!
Another Dollar store find these cute window hangers.
Of course it isn't Halloween without a witch or two.
We love things that make noise for Halloween.  This guy tells you to come closer and then he screams as his eyes fly open.
I have real pumpkins outside but I do like to have some inside.  I prefer this one it never goes bad.
I got these lovely paper ornements from England last year and the Witches Ball sign on Etsy.
Of course I have several witches hats.  This one is full of candles.
Another black cat greets you as you go upstairs.
I put a witch in all of the front windows. It looks very eery at night. I hope you enjoyed the visit. Tomorrow I will show you the outside.

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  1. I always say this, but your home seems so magical! :)
    I love so much from this post, but I'm really in love with that orange cat mug!

  2. I quickly had to tell you that I just bought that broom!!! It's just so adorable and fun, isn't it??!!!!!!! Love the pumpkin tin and all your graphics! I'm a first time visitor and would love to have you drop on by my blog! I just did a post about a rainy fall Sunday. As I haven't gotten my halloween decorations out (due to not being at home) I adore looking at what others have done. And you have collected some really fun and cute things. Hope to see you soon at my place.... hot tea or mulled apple cider??!

  3. Hi Sue, I love all of your Halloween goodies and all of your decorated thing in your home. You did an amazing job.

    Thank you for sharing it all.

  4. Great Halloween decor sue
    Everything looks wonderful what fun!


  5. Oh my gosh!!! I want everyone of your Halloween decorations. Having a black kitty myself I love your black cat decorations. You've inspired me to take photos of all my Halloween goodies.

  6. BOO!!!!!! Oh Sue....your home looks all the Halloween cats...witches...everything...Great job decorating...Blessings Francine.

  7. What fabulous decorations Sue, I want to go visit your $1.00 store, it is much nicer than mine! The scaredy cat picture is adorable and I love your tin pumpkin and crow! The October 31 sign you created is fabulous as well. Thanks so much for the tour and can't wait to see the outside of your lovely home! Deb

  8. Oh...I SOOOO wanna come trick or treating at your house! What a magical, mystical, place!! And make the Dollar Store look better than anyone I know! Really? The Dollar Store??? I'm making me a list...I might not get decorated this year (first year EVER!), but dang....I'm gonna have something! Gotta say though, my faves are your Oct. 31 sign and that sweet table scarf....You really rock the black and orange Girlfriend!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  9. Can you come decorate my home for Halloween? :-)
    I can't believe the wonders you found at the dollar store. You much have a magic dollar store, cause mine doesn't have anything so cool.


  10. OMG! I have oooohhh'd and aaawww'd all through this post. LOVE your wonderful decor. My daughter gave me that very same little "Scaredy Cat" black cat sign as part of my birthday this year. Too too adorable.