Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I like the fun aspects of Halloween decorating with the cute witches and pumpkins but sometimes I just have to go medievel! Dark, spooky, spine tingling decor.

These deliciously dark table settings are perfect. Love those sparkly skeletons.

How wonderfully gothic! Look at the backdrop of shadowy trees and you don't have to have a Halloween Party to have a haunted dinner. Love the raven and the menu.

I watched Alfred Hitchcocks "The Birds" the other night so these silhouettes send a tingle up my spine.

Speaking of birds, I love ravens. Those hangings are so mysterious looking. How simple to put up some branches and a few ravens. I adore this mantel piece, wish I had one, you could do it on a cupboard top too.

Some simple ideas are to drape things in black cheesecloth, like this lamp.

Or make some spooky bottles of blood and goo. Very easy to do.

This is so easy but very scary looking. Get one of those pre-fab pumpkins from the craft store, spray some wood pieces of sticks black and make a sign...love it.

Let's not forget the scary treats. I made these last year and everyone loved them. They looked fantastic. I just added black food colour for the black and lot of red for the regular candy apples.

Oh, yes, this is my Halloween treat for this year. An amazing BLACK VELVET CAKE from FOOD & WORDS. So how about a coming over to the dark side a little this Halloween even if it is just for a slice of this yummy cake.


  1. Amazing photos and ideas, thank you so much for sharing them Sue!

  2. Good Eveninmg Sue.....I put a spell on you.....exciting....love that.....bewitching ideas......you are very crafty......I watched The Birds not to long ago to.....Caw Caw......Blessing Francine.

  3. You come up with the most wickedly wonderful ideas my friend! Love the branch with the ravens....Now I want to strip my mantle and recreate THAT! But the thing that brought the biggest smile to my face tonight was Bette's rendition of "I Put A Spell On You...." Hocus Pocus was my son's all-time favorite from the age of 5 or so....and I still have spare copies in our video closet (since he wore out so many VHS tapes...) ;o) Thanks for making me wanting to pop one in again! Smiles & Spells ~ Robin

  4. Love all those decorations as well and if you've seen the pictures of my mantle which I decorated for Halloween, you'll see that I like to decorate "spooky"! lol I do have a few cute decorations too of course but I prefer the spookier ones:-) So many cute ideas in these pictures. I've bought a couple of ravens from the dollar store, might go buy a few more to put on my deck railing!! xoxo

  5. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the gothic spooky side. It makes me want to stand in a long black dress, boots and my witchy hat, which is not too far from what I want to do all the time. ;-)