Thursday, July 7, 2011


The lovliest things in life are the simplest.

This morning I made buckwheat crepes with fresh strawberries and yoghurt and we ate on our lovely terrace overlooking our wild woodland

It looked so good even the frog princess wanted some.

This little bird feeder is full of water and we sit and watch the birds as well as the sqruirrels come and drink.

Listening to the relaxing trickle of water is so comforting.

And the simple pleasure of looking at the flowers you plant bursting into bloom. These are the quiet, little moments that get me through a hectic day. Just knowing I can sit here and relax, even for just a few minutes, brings such calm to my life.

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  1. Your blog is lovely, full of great pics :-) I come from Mina's blog. Kiss from Europe!