Friday, October 21, 2011


As promised here are the rest of the pictures of my Halloween House. I am pleased with the result, all that is left is to carve the pumpkins ( I don't do it too early so they will last). I am having a little family Halloween get together this weekend and I am baking up a Halloween storm. I will show you that next Friday, alas the last Halloween post, boooooo hooooo, and I hope that the pictures of my pumpkins and ghosts from my motion machine turn out so you can see how great they look on the house at night.

I am still hoping for a miracle for Dandy the horse to find a home. If you hadn't read yesterdays post please have a look.

The lovely tin sign and the picture of my girls are up all year because at my house "The witch is always in!"

This tin witches hat hold voltive candles and is lovely lit at night. I put it up on a cake stand and wrapped it with tulle and a silk ribbon. The wooden twirly is one of my vintage favourites.

These are the lovely paper fans I ordered from England.

These cute little wooden cutouts are from ebay.

I have quite a few motion activated Halloween things. This guy screams everytime you go past him.

I don't like to have real pumpkins carved inside because they do not last. I picked this artificial one up this year and you cannot tell the difference. I bought the paper lantern at the dollar store. I have ordered some wonderful ones with bats and spiders but they have yet to arrive.

My Halloween globe plays "Ding dong the witch is dead." I really like the image of the witch on this sign.

Well, the Witching Hour is quickly approaching. Soon it will be All Hallows Eve. I am going to grab a brew and see what creatures the night has brought out. I hope you have enjoyed my tour.


  1. Oh dearest, YOU ARE READY FOR THE BOO HOUR!!!! Thank you for coming to visit me yesterday, and DID ANYONE RESPOND ABOUT THE HORSE???????? It just breaks my heart to think that such a magnificent creature could be put down because he has no home! I WOULD TAKE HIM IN A HEART BEAT, if I didn't live in the city!!! Oh, MAY A MIRACLE HAPPEN!!!!

    Thank you so much for your kind comments on my post. MANY HUGS, and oh, I so hope Dandy gets a home. Anita

  2. Your house is most certainly ready for the witching day/night. I love all of your vintage looking decorations and the others as well. If I had all of these marvelous things I'd leave them up at least until December. I'm looking forward to your next post. I too am hoping that beautiful horse get a new home.

  3. I love all of your decorations, but the wooden twirly is my favorite!


  4. How fabulously wonderful! I love all of your treasures. What a fun tour of your Halloween home, my dear friend.

  5. Love all your halloween decorations! Spooky!!!

    Carmen and the Primcats