Friday, October 28, 2011


We had a very sad and rough night last night. Our wonderful, beloved dog Duffy ( who is my profile picture) had a bad turn and we thought we were going to lose him. My husband went into the mudroom where our two babies sleep, and Duffy was lying very still and would not look up. He had thrown up earlier in the day, but he suffers from small siezure episodes so that is not unusual. He was so bad that I called our son who came home for the night to stay with his beloved friend. After a few hours he got up but was very slow and undsteady and was still did not seem to know us. We brought him into the kitchen but after awhile he wanted back into the mudroom. He went to sleep and this morning he was at least focusing on us. By the time Zach left to go home Duffy was up and wanted to go outside. He is drinking water now but still unsteady. I do not think he had a stroke because he seems to be improving.

If anyone has had this type of experience with their pet I would like to hear about it. I love our babies so much and I know that they are almost 14 and the time will come but I am just not ready and neither are they. Please say a blessing for my darling boy. Life can really suck sometime.


  1. Blessings being said for your dear dog.

  2. I hope he continues to improve. Will keep him in our prayers.

  3. Poor puppy! I am saying a blessing for him! I hope he continues to get better!

  4. Oh my thoughts are with you.
    Emailing you now