Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I am almost finished decorating inside for the holidays. It does not usually take me this long but I have been switching things around and every year at the end, when things are on sale, I buy some new decorations and put them away in the BIG GREEN CUPBOARD, and I forget what I bought so I have to incorporate some new and retire some old until the next year. When I say THE BIG GREEN CUPBOARD, I am talking about my primitive linen press, which I love, and is large enough to house almost all of my ornaments with the help of 3 blanket boxes. My husband makes me close the cupboard and promise not to open it until I decorate. I must admit sometimes I cheat a little when I miss the holidays, which for me can be in July.

This is the top of the BIG GREEN CUPBOARD. I picked up these cool rusted tin trees that have christmas bells on them a couple of years ago. The gorgeous Canada Goose Decoy was my grandmothers. It was one of her favourite pieces and I am so happy that I have it.

I am always looking for new ways to display my Christmas Cards. The past couple of years I have put 3 magnetic Christmas boards on the door but I wanted a change. I made this yesterday and it was so easy. I had an old door from a pie safe cupboard so I removed the screen and left it in the rough. I used a nice red ribbon and secured it tightly with thumb tacks to the back. I tied nice bows on top and attached little green bells. I love it and it took under 1/2 an hour. The card stay really secure too.

Here are some more of my Grandmother's treasures. I hang the largest ornaments above my bookcase so the cats are not near them. The rest of the collection I put in a large wooden bowl. I do not want to hang them on a tree in case one breaks. I also have a small ornament collection which is on a tree, I'll show that later. The paper stars are very old, I have 3 sets which I love. When my uncle gave me boxes and boxes of my grandmother's Christmas ornaments I was thrilled. I sat and went through them one by one and all of the memories of the farm came flooding back. It was quite an emotional day. I treasure each and every piece and remember them all. I have many more to share later.

In my Dining Kitchen I put white lights on the shelf above my bench. I mixed folk art with new red stiped balls and Krinkles Kitty ornaments. I really like the effect. I put little trees all over the house. My husband gave me the adorable stocking last year. My little wooden cows sit on an old ash sifter. My sweet Krinkles Ladies swing from a garden heart, I love the striped shoes.

Back in the Livingroom, I filled a bird box I made with red balls and put a little tree in there, it looks so nice at night. This Santa reminded me of the one from the old Rudolph Christmas Special. I love paper mache, this Santa head is a favourite. The iron Santa and Reindeer was a bargain at HomeSense.

Last but now least today, my dining room table. I picked up this beautiful vintage tablecloth at a thrift store for $5.99. I just love it and keep looking for more. It is nice linen with vibrant red Santas around it. The Santa on the table was also a thrift store buy. One of my favourite thrift stores is Value Village. They get some great Christmas items in, you should check them out.

I know this has been a long post but I have a lot of stuff to share. Look at the time, I am off to do what else, Christmas shopping. Over the next couple of weeks I will show you my kitchen, big tree and studio which is completely different, very Scandinavian. We spend Christmas Eve there with a roaring fire.



  1. Everything looks so pretty!! I wanna come to YOUR house!! I really, really liked what you did with the old cabinet doors to hold the cards, that was a great idea. Love it when you post pics of your decorating skills.
    Warm Wishes,

  2. I enjoyed your post - especially the family ornaments in the bowl and hung out of reach of the cats! I am fortunate to have some of my grandmothers ornaments as well which are displayed year round in a crystal bowl - also grandma's - in my china cupboard.

  3. How very festive!!! I love the way you have used your family treasures!

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  4. All very beautiful. I love the card holder. i will have to lool around to see if i can come up with something to make a card holder of my own.

    Thank you for the lovely tour of your Christmas home.

  5. Everything looks so wonderful! I am in aw! Some of those old glass Christmas ornaments you have, are the same ones my mom has. I love them! They have such character! I love the card holder idea too! Everything is so beautiful! Have a great day!

  6. Wow, you have the cutest decorations and you really know how to put them all together! It looks beautiful!

  7. What pure beauty! I love the way you are displaying your cards this year. Such a creative idea. You are so blessed to have your grandmother's ornaments. We had my husband's grandmother's ornaments and someone stole them from our shed years ago. Our hearts were just broken. I love your decor so much.