Friday, November 4, 2011


Last night I went on my computer ( a mac) to look at some pictures. When I clicked the icon nothing happened. I could not find any pictures. Our son also has a mac but has been having problems with it for some time so he puts all of his pictures on my computer. We are both addicted shutterbugs. He had a baby in February so you can just imagine the amount of pictures. I think there are over 9,000. I finally found a file that contained them but I had to transfer them to a photo library so I could see them. I am still doing that! This has been a nightmare. I was sick last night thinking I had lost all of my memories for the past 4 years. Although some are on back-up discs not everything is.

Everything is on hold today so I can finish this. The cats are bored because I am still up here. Has anyone else ever had this happen? Please back up your photos so this does not happen to you.

Also, it has been a week since our Duffy incident and he is doing great except for some bathroom issues which I think are due to a change in his diet. We are so happy our sweet boy is back to normal.


  1. I melted a motherboard (I have a very bad effect on many electronics) on my computer near the end of a semester. Had to rewrite a final paper in two days. I can understand your fear and frustration. We upload most of our photos to Picasa now, just to be safe. In the future, try leaving a quartz crystal on your computer to help ward off problems. Good luck!

  2. Your cats are beautiful and I am SO happy to hear about Duffy's continued progress. Thank you for this post, Sue. I am off to back up my images. I sincerely hope you do have all of yours.