Thursday, December 29, 2011


I live in Canada and I know I should be used to the cold but we have been a little spoiled this winter. The temperature has been more fall-like but last night it dipped to -10c. My husband went to work this morning and I cuddled up in my big chair and looked outside.

Layla quite enjoyed the little birds that sat on the trees outside our window. I remember my grandfather telling me that when you get a lot of birds early in the morning at the feeder colder weather was coming. I also remember my grandmother hating the winter months. She loved the warm weather. I always liked all of the seasons but as I get older I too do not look forward to the cold. I do not think it is just me, very rarely do I see kids playing outside in the winter. When I was little you could not get me to come in. Between building snowmen, snow forts and skating I practically lived outside in the winter.

It is such a cold day that I decided to catch up on my films. This morning I watched The King's Speech. I just loved this film. Colin Firth deserved his oscar and Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham Carter were brilliant. Being part British, my heart swelled with pride at the end of this film. The rich heritage of the British Empire is so wonderful. This is a film worth watching.

I would like to share the very last Christmas pictures of the year today. I have so enjoyed this holiday season. Decorating my home and having this wonderful blog to share with my blogging friends. I will really miss my Christmas blog background when I change in the New Year.

I wanted to show how pretty it was under the tree before I had to take every single present to our sons house Christmas morning. Luca decided he was our gift this year. One last thing today. Carmen at Primcats is going in for emergency appendectomy surgery today, what a way to spend New Years. All the best to you Carmen and I hope you have a speedy recovery.


  1. What a pretty scene outside your window. I Love the bird for everyone.

    I also want to see The Kings Speech. We haven't had a drop of snow yet..not even a flake! And hardly any cold days..just one or two here and there that last only a day..hardly feels like winter, which makes me wonder what our spring and summer might be like! (Although I hear we are in for some arctic air come next week!)

    Have a great, and safe, weekend..

  2. pretty Sue, but BRRR is right we are enjoying wonderful temps here in Oklahoma alot better then last years.

  3. Here in Michigan we've had the same kind of winter as you. No snow on the ground now. A few days ago I posted about it.
    Happy New Year.

  4. Send some of your snow down here to MA (but not too much)! It is pretty when it snows, isn't it.
    One of our kitties is still in a box!

  5. You have such beautiful photos! In Iowa we usually have very cold temps by now, but we have been lucky so far to have temps in the 40s-50s F so far. It has gotten below freezing only a few times. I'm nervous about what it might mean for January-March, but for now I am LOVING the warmth. I haven't even needed a coat the last couple of days.

  6. Everytime you post pictures of your home it looks so welcoming and full of love
    Thanks for the lovely comment Sue.
    Sending you lots of love and luck for the new year

  7. Oh Brrrrrrrrrr...-10? I would freeze to death! Though isn't it so lovely to see the birds against the white background. Your last Christmas photos are beautiful. I always loved to see gifts tucked under the tree and I usually wrapped with decorating in mind. ;-)

    Your Christmas blog look was beautiful but so is this lovely winter ensemble you have changed to.