Friday, December 30, 2011


As you know I am of Norwegian heritage. I feel this affects my life in many ways. My farmhouse is 235 years old so I left the older parts in the traditional farmhouse style but the newer rooms are very Scandinavian influenced. When we built my studio I wanted it to be like a typical Norwegian home so it is very white, blue and coffee tones.

I have been blogging for about a year now and discovered so many beautiful blogs. I stumbled upon a Swedish blog one day and could not believe how gorgeous the home was. Now I follow many, many Scandinavian blogs and I want to share some with you. I am not very good at connecting the blog names so you can click and go directly to the blog, so please take the time to visit the by putting the http:// in yourself. You will not be sorry.

First, and one of my favourites, is Helena at "The Swenglish House" blog. She is from Sweden but lives in a gorgeous house in England. Her photographs of her wonderfully decorated home are breathtaking.

Anna at "My Lovely Things" has a beautiful home she has been redoing for a while now. Her photos of her home are truly amazing each one more lovely than the one before.

Susanne at "Me and Alice" blog is a photographer who also puts photos of interior design on her blog. Her home is so bright and airy, I just love it.

Mia of "Lilla Blanka" blog has the most incredible photos of her home. Lovely floors, white furnishings, absolutely fabulous.

Eija of "Norrfrid" blog is a wonderful woman who moved to a gorgeous farm a few years ago with her family. They left a hectic life in the city to raise sheep. This is an amazing home.

Last but not least is Goa of "Hvitur Lakkris" blog. Very Scandinavian style in this incredible home. Her photos are so lovely you feel like you are right in her livingroom.

All of the blogs are on blogspot and all of the photos in this post are credited to each of these very talented lovely ladies. I hope you stop by, all of the blog translate to English. You will enjoy these blog immensely.


  1. Thank you for the photos. The homes are all gorgeous. It's nice to see how lovely different
    styles of decorating can be.

  2. I do like Scandinavian decorating styles. It is interesting that their homes are often shown in English style magazines, so it is obviously a popular look.
    Now to go visiting the blogs you featured!

  3. I love the decorating style also! Sue, hubby and I had Chinese for our New Year's eve meal which we celebrated tonight. Took your idea and ran with it...he he! Also, we are playing that game! Thank you! Hugs! :) p.s. now I'm going visiting too...;)

  4. Oh Sue, you know I LOVE your studio and its inspired Scandinavian decor. Thank you so much for listing your favorite Nordic choices. You had shared Lilla Blanca with me in the past and I sooooooooo love hers. I can't wait to dig into the others. Happy New year, My lovely friend.