Thursday, December 1, 2011


Well, as you may know I have been decorating for Christmas for weeks now. It has felt like December to me for a while but today is the official start of the Yule Season! I still have not finished decorating the studio so I will not post any pictures until later but I have finished the house. Here are some pictures of my tree and living room.

These guys greet you as you enter the livingroom. I love them. They are so cute in their Christmas finery. I called them my "Lord a Leaping."

This is my little Santa tree. It is my husband's favourite. I put it in an lovely old crock and it sits on a miniature trunk that was my grandmother's when she was just 5. Her father gave it to her for Christmas and her mother filled it with handmade doll clothes.

Here is my tree. I scaled down to a narrow tree a few years ago. At one time I decorated 2 large trees and countless smaller ones but when we redid our kitchen I wanted it in there and this one fit perfect. I like it because I only put my collection of mice decorations and red balls on it and it holds the collection perfectly so you can see them. I still have my smaller trees for the decorations from when our son was little and when I was little.

These are a few of my little mice. I honestly do not know how many I have. I have collected for many years from Hallmark, Carlton and Enesco. The Enesco ones are my favourites. They are just so adorable. The last one is my very special one. It is a little mouse who has crashed through a Santa postcard. I have him on a little motor so he spins around.

I hope you have enjoyed my tree tour. I will finish with the topper which is a cute flying Santa from Dept. 56.


  1. Oh I love your mouse collection! So cute! I collect Hallmark and I have a few you have posted. :)

    Carmen and the Primcats

  2. Beautiful decorations!!! Wow!

  3. I love all your trees and decor. Love the mice. Everything is beautiful. Enjoy the season

  4. I am so jealous. I have not even started to decorate yet. This weekend hoping to get my things out. Yours looks so pretty.

  5. This is all so magical! I love those mice! So cute!!

  6. Just gorgeous, all the twinkles and mice and cakes and textures....just sweet as can be! AND THANK YOU for coming to the theatre.....a rough post for I had barely any time with my work schedule to write a play...but oh well, it was fun!!! Anita

  7. Your tree is so beautiful. I adore your little mice decorations. Oh, they are so sweet.