Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I alway wondered if that was really true? You would think there could be a fire if you hung your stockings by the chimney wouldn't you? Well, since I do not have a chimney per say, I have a wood burning stove, I hang our stockings down the staircase rail. Since we have a new baby granddaughter this Christmas ( the only gift we all need) I made new stockings. They turned out quite nicely too.

The snowman rudolph is my little granddaughters. I love working with felt. I do find though, with Christmas stockings, unless you can get the heavy wool felt, which is hard to find here, that they do not hang very nicely. I solved that problem by cutting out an extra piece to fit the bottom of the stocking, where the toe curls and the heel. I then used fabric glue and glued the whole bottom together. There is still plenty of room for Santa to fill the stocking but it stiffens it up so it hangs nicely. I am very happy with the results I think I will make them for my etsy shop next Christmas. We also had our first snow this morning.

I took these pictures before I started this post and it has all melted since but at least we had a little. I am off to begin my preparations for my Christmas Party on Saturday. Tomorrow I will reveal my CHRISTMAS TREE!

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  1. Love all the stockings AND where you have hung them. We have a fireplace insert that we heat with during the winter. I have to hang stocking on the side , and not too pretty. I did this on the stairs last year. This year the mister made me a holder, and I put it in our bedroom since we have no little ones to fill stockings for. Will show it when I post Christmas photos, SNOW,,, you are lucky even tho it's melted. We were to get flurries yesterday and I strained my eyes all day long. Never saw a flake! Have fun getting ready for your party,

  2. What great stockings! Love them all!! We are expecting our first grandbaby NEXT year, so that just might have to be on the agenda for a 2012 project!! Our snow has all but gone mild this year so far.
    I love Christmas parties...looking forward to seeing your tree!!

  3. Those stockings are absolutely darling. Love them!

  4. These stockings are so precious! Beautiful! Love the pictures of the snow! Have a great day!

  5. Love the stockings. Very magical and whimsical.

    Blessings, V.