Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I just finished decorating the last Christmas tree in the house. I have started the studio and will show you pictures later. I am having our annual Christmas party on Saturday and have to go out in the pouring rain today to get the ingredients for the Tapas I am serving at the party. Now a little bit about Christmas trees.

My studio is decorated and designed Scandinavian. I kept the colours in whites, light blues and creamy browns. A couple of years ago I decided I would like a blue Christmas tree out there. Upon searching for one I came across every colour and shape in the rainbow.

I did find a lovely blue one called "Smurftastic" at Treetopia but by the time I paid for shipping it was ridiculous so I went with a smaller one I found here.

Until I decided to get a blue tree I was always a traditionalist when it came to Christmas trees. My views have changed. I have found some wonderfully imaginative trees in my journey and here are just a few.

Think Pink!

Be dramatic with red or black. My sister-in-law has a black tree which she decorates in silver and blue which is quite lovely.

Elegant White. White trees look fabulous for a formal setting or a beachy one.

You could go over the top like this million dollar tree festooned with diamonds.

Or sweet and simple like Charlie Brown.

Whether your tree is out in the sun.

In the crisp snow.

Sweet and traditional.

Very tall.

Or very small. They all say the same thing. IT'S CHRISTMAS.

You could go with the ultimate environmental tree. I made do this next year.



  1. Spooky....I went looking for a pink tree, too! I wanted it for the bedroom. It's so pretty, I need to take some pics when I'm done. I love that blue! I always said , REAL TREE! Now I have all fake. Can't afford these trees, now! Thanks for sharing! 8^)

  2. Love all the wonderful trees. I would never think of using a black Christmas Tree but it is so beautiful! A Christmas is about having fun, and sometimes changing things up a bit!

  3. These trees are all so special and festive. I could NEVER have a chocolate one. I simply cannot be trusted with that much chocolate at one time. ;-)